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Who Would You Rather Have - Everth Cabrera or Andrelton Simmons

Once the top 3 or 4 shortstops are drafted, it's always a crap shoot. Do you want speed and no power? Or do you want some power and a low average? That's what we get here with Everth Cabrera and Andrelton Simmons.

Before being suspended 50 games for using performance enhancing drugs, Everth Cabrera was leading the National League in stolen bases. In 95 games, Cabrera was very aggressive on the basepaths as he attempted 49 stolen bases and safely stole 37 of them. He hit .283 last season but of his 108 hits, only 24 were extra base hits. He had 15 doubles, 5 triples and 4 home runs, while driving in 31 runs.

Hitting in one of the weakest lineup in the league, it's hard to imagine he Cabrera will drive in more than 50 runs, especially as the leadoff man. It helps that Cabrera has a good eye, he walked 41 times last year in only 95 games. A walk is as good as a single, or a double in Cabrera's case as he will more than likely try to steal second and that will lead to more runs scored. Assuming he will stay healthy and the whole PED thing is behind him, Cabrera is capable of putting together a stat line of .285, 73 runs scored, 48 RBI, 26 doubles, 11 triples, 7 home runs and 50 stolen bases for 2014.

With his first full season under him, Andrelton Simmons is ready to make a splash in 2014. Simmons struggled a bit offensively as he only hit .248 in 606 at-bats but displayed good power. Simmons hit 27 doubles and 17 home runs, while driving in 59 runs. He also showed decent speed with his 6 triples and 6 stolen bases in 11 attempts. He only struck out 55 times in 2013, so he has a very good eye and constantly puts the ball into play.

Simmons will have a good opportunity to drive in runs this season as he is hitting 6th in the Braves lineup, behind Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, Freddie Freeman, Evan Gattis, and Chris Johnson. If Simmons wants his average to come up then his power is going to decline. Simmons should hit right around .265 with 15 home runs and 65-70 RBI. Expect more line drives if there is a decline in the long ball, which means he has potential for 35 doubles and another 6 or 7 triples.

Average Draft Position

Everth Cabrera
Andrelton Simmons
You know it's a tough call to make when both players range from 8th to 12th at shortstop.  We ranked Cabrera 7th and Simmons 11th in our SS rankings.

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