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Carlos Boozer - Least Valuable Fantasy Basketball Player

Carlos  Boozer We Talk Fantasy Sports
In 46 games for the Chicago Bulls this season, Carlos Boozer is shooting 45% from the field, knocking down 77% of his free throws and has scored 680 points while grabbing 398 rebounds.

There are exactly 100 players on ESPN Fantasy Basketball owned in at least 80% of leagues that have played in 35 games this season.  Ranking them based on the categories played in my league (FG%, FT%, 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO, PTS) we can conclude who has been the least valuable fantasy basketball player this season.

Boozer ranks 66th in points scored and 32nd in rebounding.  Andre Drummond has scored 1 more point, but at least Carlos has scored more points than Dwyane Wade!  Ranking 32nd in rebounds is actually not that bad considering his teammate Joakim Noah ranks 6th.  Boozer is in the bottom half of every category except rebounding,

Carlos Boozer was drafted in ESPN leagues around the 93rd pick, between Tyson Chandler and Kevin Garnett.

Just Wasn't Bad Enough!

So very close to taking home these honors were J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks and fellow New Yorker, Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets. 

J.R. is shooting a horrid 38% from the field and an even worse 60% from the charity stripe, good enough for bottom 10 in both categories!  His ability to not turn the ball over is what saved him from the crown, and he actually ranks 10th in TO (which means only 9 players have turned ball over MORE than him).

Deron Williams has been playing injured this season so he has a tiny excuse, but he is far from one of the best PG in the game, at the moment.

Other Notable Players in the "Top" 25

Luol Deng, Zach Randolph, Roy Hibbert, Jeff Teague, Tony Parker, Joe Johnson