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Who Would You Rather Have - Daniel Murphy or Jedd Gyorko

Daniel Murphy and Jedd Gyorko are complete opposite hitters.  Murphy's ability to make contact has led to a very low strike out percentage and a top 10 BABIP at .315.  Gyrko on the other hand is build from the swing for the fences mode and as we all know, power is king in fantasy.  Both players have a place in fantasy baseball, but which player would you rather have on your roster?

Murphy is a very consistent hitter at the top of a lineup, who gets to hit in front of David Wright and now Curtis Granderson.  Murph is going to hit anywhere between .270 and .300 and will pick up at least 30 doubles and could hit double digit home runs.  He scored 92 runs for a weak New York Mets lineup last season and added 78 runs batted in and 23 stolen bases.

Gyorko played 63 games before the All-Star break and 62 after.  His splits are rather confusing because he hit for a .270 average with 17 doubles and 8 home runs prior to the break and .226 with 15 home runs and 9 doubles after.  Which Gyorko are we going to get for a full 2014 fantasy baseball season?  Is second base a position you should even bother looking for a 20+ home run guy?  Only Robinson Cano and Dan Uggla hit at least 20 home runs besides Gyorko.

Average Draft Position

Daniel Murphy
Jedd Gyorko
  • Yahoo
  • ESPN
    • 16th second base
    • 157th overall
    • Jurickson Profar drafted right before
    • Coco Crisp drafted right after
  • CBS
  • Fantasy Pros
  • Mock Draft Central
    • 6th second base
    • 94th overall
    • James Shields drafted right before
    • Billy Butler drafted right after
  • NFBC
    • 8th second base
    • 98th overall
    • Matt Cain drafted right before
    • Matt Wieters drafted right after
Depending on how your roster has been constructed, both players have tremendous value.  If you need the power bat, you can clearly justify grabbing Jedd Gyorko, but just remember he has a 23% K rate.  However, if you need a a batter who will rarely strike out and is a jack of all trades, master of none, Daniel Murphy is your guy.   We ranked Gyorko 9th and Murphy 11th in our 2B rankings.

Based on ADP, Who Would You Rather Have?

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