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Dayton vs The Syracuse Zone

Earlier today, Dayton Flyer Vee Sanford nailed the game winner against Ohio St.  Dayton scored 60 points and shot 45% from the field, but in order to beat Syracuse in the Round of 32, they will need to shoot better than 3-13 from downtown.

Jordan Sibert led Dayton in 3pt attempts knocking down just 1 of his 5 attempts. That is right at his season average in 3pt attempts, but he shot 44% from beyond the arc so it is safe to assume he does not have a repeat performance.

Khari Price and Devin Oliver are Dayton's other 3pt shooters and combined they made 80 of their 200 3pt attempts, good for 40%. Between the 3 of these guys,

Dayton took advantage of some transition buckets today and of course, getting to the other end of the floor before Syracuse has a chance to set up their zone is one way to score some easy buckets.

What are the keys to the game for Dayton?