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Top 3 Fantasy Baseball Injury Risks

Each MLB season gets drastically altered by an injury to a big name player.  It can also cause a fantasy baseball owner to make a desperation move they regret.  Injuries are a part of the game, there is no way to avoid it.  But should it stop you from drafting a player, in the first two rounds, who is known for missing chunks of time?

Carlos Gonzalez is a first round draft pick and one of the best players in all of baseball.  However, he averages less than 130 games played per season since 2010.  As he plays less and less games each season, his run total and RBI count have seen a decline.  Last season he played in just 110 games, forcing fantasy owners, and the Colorado Rockies, to find a replacement for 52 games!  He is as risky as it gets, and my suggestion is to draft someone else this season!

Troy Tulowitzki is CarGo's teammate and without the two of them on the field, the Rockies will struggle in a TOUGH National League West. In the same time span as Gonzalez, Tulo is playing in just 110 games per season for Colorado since 2010. Shortstop is weak enough and when you lose arguably the best one in the game, it's impossible to replace. As great a player as he is, I am willing to let someone else miss him for a long time this upcoming season, I'll take a SS when I am ready.

Hanley Ramirez is also a premium at a weak position, but has played in just 120 games per season since 2010.  Prior to 2010 he seemed to be a pretty healthy player, so he is a guy worth drafting this season in my eyes.  Hitting in the heart of that Los Angeles Dodgers lineup makes HanRam a top fantasy player this season, if he stays healthy.
2013 has been a year of unfortunate injuries for Ramirez. He tore a ligament in his right thumb in March, forcing him to miss the first 24 games of the season. He strained his hamstring in his fourth game back on May 3, forcing him out of an additional 28 games. - Hardball Talk

Fantasy Pros Projections

Player Name Team Position ab hits 2b 3b runs hrs rbi
Carlos GonzalezCOLLF526157316852988
Troy TulowitzkiCOLSS508154312802887
Hanley RamirezLADSS498142292802380