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Fantasy Aces $500 MLB Opening Day Freeroll

Spring Training is in full swing and Opening Day is right around the corner!  Make sure you sign up and join Fantasy Aces $500 MLB Opening Day Freeroll!  Mike and I are going to be playing Fantasy Aces all season long, so join us!

2 starting pitchers!

This will add more variance and strategy to fantasy baseball games and make for a better overall experience. Fantasy Aces format already adds great variance with the infield positions being flexible and one utility player.

More Changes!

After several requests to better the fantasy baseball experience on Fantasy Aces, they have made the improvements that will add to your overall satisfaction.

Below are the additional changes:
  • WIN: 3 Fantasy Points ( was 5 points)
  • LOSS: No affect ( was minus 3 points)
  • RBIs & RUNs: 1.25 Fantasy Points ( was 1 point)
  • Batter OUT: No affect ( was -.25 points)

Fantasy Aces Scout Page

Now you can use their daily fantasy research tool to breakdown stats and create your own list of players that will be highlighted when you are drafting your fantasy baseball team.  It is perfect for one day fantasy baseball leagues as players go hot and cold frequently and the Fantasy Aces SCOUT page will allow you to spot talent instantly. This is an awesome tool and we definitely recommend you test it out!