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Breaking Down the Bracket - Midwest Region

When Duke and Louisville are the 3 and 4 seeds in a region, you know this is going to be the region that destroys your bracket.  Wichita St was handed the 1 seed, but they might have preferred a different region!  The Shockers finished the season 34-0.  Michigan is the 2 seed in the Midwest region.  Clearly, the toughest region in the tournament.

My Bracket

This is such a difficult bracket to run through because of the quality of teams.  That being said, I am going with coaching experience and placing Duke and Louisville in the Elite 8.  I picked just one upset, with 10 Texas getting the best of 7 Texas.

March Madness Midwest Region

Other Big Name Schools

  • 5 Saint Louis
  • 6 Massachusetts
  • 7 Texas
  • 8 Kentucky
  • 9 Kansas St
  • 10 Arizona St

Possible National Champs

  • 1 Wichita St
  • 2 Michigan
  • 3 Duke
  • 4 Louisville

Bracket Buster

  • 1 Wichita St
    • There is a good change that 90% of brackets will slot Michigan, Duke or Louisville into the Final Four, but if the Shockers can make it through this bracket, they most likely end up in the National Championship because of the weak West Region.

Possible Upsets

  • 9 Kansas St vs 8 Kentucky
    • Yahoo 78% Kentucky
  • 12 Arizona St vs 7 Texas
    • Yahoo 60.5% Texas

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West Region
South Region
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