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Too Many Beasts in the East?

There is nothing worse than waiting weeks for the bracket to come out only to see that all of your potential final four sleepers are in the same bracket. For me, that bracket is the East Region, where the team most are expecting to come out of the bracket, is the FOUR seed in Michigan State.

The one seed in the bracket, Virginia, would have been a pretty sexy two seed, but will likely be picked by very few to come out of the East with so many other upset picks. Hard to pick a team like Arizona or Florida who have been mainstays in the top 25 to be upset on their route to the final four, so when bracketeers make their picks this year it is likely to be Virginia, or the underrated yet undefeated Wichita State who people pick to be upset by a lower seed.

For a four seed Michigan State has garnered an abnormally large amount of support by the experts and the casual basketball fans. This is due mainly to the fact that their ranking and subsequent seeding was due to an injury plagued regular season team, a team that is now at full health and sporting an entirely new look, a very dangerous look at that. Experts across the board and even the President of the United States are picking Michigan State to not only come out of the region but to win the National Championship entirely…as a FOUR seed.

Michigan State being a four seed is far from all that makes this a tough bracket. You also have this regional going through the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, for it’s Sweet 16/Elite 8 weekend. In this bracket we have a few teams who are used to playing under those lights and not only won’t be intimidated but will likely get an added confidence boost from playing in their old stomping ground. Due to the way the bracket plays out however, only one of UCONN and Villanova can advance to play in the garden, as the two are set to face off in the 2nd round if they both win. UCONN however is a very good looking team for a SEVEN seed. The Huskies were ranked all year long and could have won their conference tournament if it wasn’t for Louisville, another four seed to go along with Michigan State who could have been a potential 2 or 1 seed if it hadn’t been for midseason hiccups.

And that’s not even all! Also in this bracket are the very trendy sleeper 3 seed Iowa State who took out Kansas in their big 12 tournament, have looked extremely solid all year and are led two studs in Melvin Ejim and DeAndre Kane. Iowa State could definitely come out of this bracket and if MSU wasn’t here to take all the sleeper love it would likely be them making appearances on all the expert brackets.

Add Memphis, Cincinnati and UNC to this bracket and there are WAY too many beasts in the East Regional this year. Who are YOU going to choose to come out of MSG with a spot in the final four!?

Scott's pick: Iowa State

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