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Breaking Down the Bracket - West Region

The West Region features the Arizona Wildcats as a one seed, a team that has not impressed me at all this season, and the Wisconsin Badgers as a 2 seed. Doug McDermott and the Creighton Bluejays landed a 3 seed in the West, while the San Diego State Aztecs round up the top 4.  This is easily the least talented bracket.

My Bracket

There is no clear cut winner of the West Region, but I do believe that which ever team comes out on top, will end up losing to the winner of the Midwest Region in the Final Four.  This is the region you can reach for a team, like Creighton or San Diego St because.  I don't have a single first round upset.

March Madness West Region

Other Big Name Schools

  • 5 Oklahoma
  • 6 Baylor
  • 7 Oregon
  • 8 Gonzaga
  • 9 Oklahoma St
  • 10 BYU
  • 11 Nebraska

Bracket Buster

  • 4 San Diego St
    • This region does not feature a power house and any of the top 4-6 seeds could make the Final Four.  however, MOST people are going to roll with Arizona or Wisconsin in my eyes which makes the Aztecs a bracket buster.  New Mexico just beat them (2nd time in a month) for the MWC Conference title, but we are talking about the #2 defense in all of college basketball here.  They allow just 56.6 points per game!  As I mentioned in the opener, I am not a fan of the Arizona Wildcats, and should San Diego St make the Sweet 16, they will likely face the Wildcats.  I think they can handle them, and ruin a ton of brackets.

Possible National Champs

  • None
    • The winner of this bracket is headed for a matchup against one of Wichita St, Michigan, Duke or Louisville. Good luck.

Possible Upsets

  • 9 Oklahoma St vs 8 Gonzaga
    • Yahoo 61% Oklahoma St

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