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RotoDerby $60K for $99

This MLB season, I will be following 10 players EXTRA carefully, thanks to RotoDerby.  Selecting 6 infielders and 4 outfielders from a pool of 133 players is not that easy when you are limited to 220 home runs from last season, aka your salary cap.  There is truly no formula in selecting players, but you need to understand the scoring system. 

All teams compete on just 3 stats:

  • HR = +5pt
  • RBI = +1pt
  • K = -1pt

*Game stats before March 31st will not count.
*Stats for March 31st games will count towards April.

The roster combinations are endless, so if you feel like you need to enter a second roster, do so before opening day and get that team free!  You can purchase a team at any point during the season, standings reset each month!

Must Own Players

If you don't set your roster with both of these guys, you have to make sure you have at least one of them!

Valuable Players

The following guys are the top players from last season who hit 15 or less home runs
  • Martin Prado
    • Prado actually finished 25th last season, and did so with just 14 home runs.  His 82 RBI and just 53 strikeouts led to an extra 29 points, 3rd best behind Miguel Cabrera and Edwin Encarnacion.  If you take Nelson Cruz, who had just 3 total points more, he will cost you 13 home runs, nearly twice as much! 
  • Salvador Perez
    • Perez managed to tally 81 points (43rd overall) and did so with just 13 home runs.  His 79 RBI and 63 strikeouts aded 16 points to his total, which was the 6th high differential.
  • Ian Kinsler
    • Kinsler was one of just 9 players with a double digit differential between RBI and K.  That is a 2 HR savings!  Take Kinsler and you can add Robinson Cano over J.J. Hardy.
  • Buster Posey
    • Posey's ability to make contact gave him more total points than Jay Bruce, who hit twice as many home runs!
  • Pablo Sandoval
    • Kung Fu Panda ranked 55th last season, and is the final player with 70+ points scored.  David Wright hit 4 more home runs, but finished with a point less.
  • Shane Victornio
    • Victorino is the lone OF with 15 or less home runs and more than 60 total points.