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Daily Fantasy - Evan Longoria vs CC Sabathia

The Tampa Bay Rays play host to the New York Yankees for a 4 game set, and they will not have to face one of Masahiro Tanaka or Michael Pineda.  But tonight it's David Price vs CC Sabathia and that means the Rays bats could come alive!  Sabathia has faced the Rays 14 times in the past 3 seasons, more than any other team.  Over those starts, he is just 3 and 8 with a 4.53 ERA.  Over those 99.1 innings pitched, the Rays offense has scored 50 runs and hit 18 home runs! 

Evan Longoria has led the bashing with a .396 average over 53 career ABs. That's 21 hits, 6 of which were doubles and another 6 have gone over the fence, leading to a .849 SLG! On top of that, he has also walked 12 times leading to a .515 OBP!  Jon Lester is the only pitcher Longoria has seen as much as Sabathia, both are lefties, yet Evan hits just .228 of the Red Sox starter.  Check out Evan Longira's history vs all pitchers and you will see how well he hits CC.

Evan Longoria vs CC Sabathia Baseball Savant