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Get To Know Him - Jose Dariel Abreu

This offseason, the Chicago White Sox signed Cuban slugger Jose Abreu to a 6 year $68 mil contract.  He instantly became a favorite of fantasy experts and he has quickly proven them all right.  Even before he hit his 1st HR of the season, the Minnesota Twins decided to intentionally walk him in bottom of the 9th and 11th of a tied ballgame, to face Adam Dunn.

Today, Abreu proved the Twins right, with an RBI double and a bases loaded triple tallying 4 RBI, hitting the wall in right and center.

Abreu hit 3 homers and drove in 12 runs this spring and is hitting in the heart of the White Sox lineup. If Adam Dunn keeps hitting home runs, teams will be forced to pitch to Jose and with that power, who knows what kind of numbers he can put up!

...there are just too many good things going on in his swing for him to be a bust, things that only the best hitters in the game do. - FanGraphs