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The Tennessee Titans Release Chris Johnson

Running back Chris Johnson who spent his first 6 seasons with the Tennessee Titans will play for a new team in 2014. The Titans informed Johnson that he would be released, ending his career in Tennessee.

Johnson has missed 1 game in his 6 year career and it came during his rookie season. He has rushed for over 1,000 yards every year, including a 2,000 yard season in 2009. His numbers have dropped over the past few seasons and in 2013 it was the first time Johnson failed to average 4 yards per carry.

Over his first 3 seasons, Johnson averaged 1,533 yards per season, a 4.9 yards/carry, with 11 touchdowns. His last 3 seasons his numbers have dropped to 1,122 yards per season, a 4.1 yards/carry, with only 5 touchdowns.

The Titans have struggled in recent years, so there is a good chance that Johnson has been struggling because of poor offensive line play, and a lack of pass game.

He's still only 28 years old and can make an impact with a new team in 2014.

Teams who will take a look at Johnson:

  • New York Jets
    • The Jets need an identity in the backfield as well as a playmaker on offense and Chris Johnson would be the perfect guy to fill those voids. Pair him up with Chris Ivory and that's a great mix of speed and power.
  • St. Louis Rams
    • It's unclear if the Rams have a true interest for Johnson, but there's no doubt he'd be a great fit in St. Louis. The duo of Johnson and Zac Stacy would be tough for any defense to stop.
  • Baltimore Ravens
    • Between Ray Rice struggling to pick up positive yardage and his ongoing legal troubles, the Ravens have a hole in their backfield. Chris Johnson would be a no-brainer for Baltimore.
  • New England Patriots
    • The Patriots lost LeGarrette Blount and love adding running backs to the roster. They could pick up Johnson and add him to their rotation or use him in a committee.
  • Chicago Bears
    • Yes the Bears already have a great running back in Matt Forte. But look behind him. The Bears do not have any running backs on the roster aside from Forte with an NFL carry. Johnson would add depth and provide insurance in case Forte got hurt.
  • Cleveland Browns
    • The Browns added Ben Tate to be their starter for 2014, but adding Johnson can't hurt. Tate has never been a starter in his career and has never taken on a full-time starters workload. He's at his best when backing up Arian Foster, so why not Chris Johnson?
  • Minnesota Vikings
    • Minnesota lost backup running back Toby Gerhart and why would they not want the last two guys in the NFL to rush for 2,000 yards? Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson together in the same backfield? Scary.