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Top AAA Starting Pitchers

The Toronto Blue Jays currently own the 5th worst ERA in baseball but have some nice talent on this list.  Marcus Stroman is the most likely candidate to get called up, and just pitched 6 shutout innings and struck out 10 batters, proving he is ready and deserving.  Today is his 23rd birthday.

The Detroit Tigers will give Robbie Ray his first career start on May 6th, vs Houston Astros, with Anibal Sanchez on the DL. Ray was part of the Doug Fister trade with the Washington Nationals.

The Arizona Diamondbacks just placed Archie Bradley on the DL with a flexor strain in his elbow, and at 1-4 with a 5.18 ERA, he was not ready to help the DBacks anyway. Instead, they traded for Lucas Harrell.

Former Diamondbacks 3rd overall draft pick from 2011, Trevor Bauer, looks like he will be starting for the Cleveland Indians, again, in the near future. Bauer was part of the 3 team deal that sent Shin-Soo Choo to the Cincinnati Reds prior to the 2013 MLB season. He has 9 career starts under his belt, 4 with Arizona, 4 last season with Cleveland and an early season appearance this year, a game in which Bauer looked great, lasting 6 innings, racking up 8 punch outs and allowing just an earned run to the San Diego Padres, before being sent down to AAA.

Mike FiersMILNAS500.851133.2193313470.65136.9
Nick TepeschTEXRR411.8251134.2267716270.92114.9
Jeff FrancisCINLOU332.7260036.140171127341.29108.2
Merrill KellyTBDUR402.140030227737290.97107.5
Scott BakerTEXRR412.8150032261110410261.13107.0
Ryan FeierabendTEXRR412.9460033.235141127191.25104.9
Noah SyndergaardNYMLV423.9460032331814312281.41104.0
Jimmy NelsonMILNAS311.9750032197719310.88102.5
Taylor HillWASSYR312.3551030.2248844290.9196.9
Tim CooneySTLMEM312.3550030.2279838281.1496.4

Tsuyoshi WadaCHCIOW310.6840026.1142223290.6594.7
Rafael MonteroNYMLV314.3160031.1271715312301.2492.2
Robbie RayDETTOL321.5950028.1276515211.1391.7
Jacob deGromNYMLV301.9350028237619231.1491.5
Kyle HendricksCHCIOW314.1150030.229151408291.2190.9
Jason BerkenSFFRE312.4850029229826210.9790.5
Trevor BauerCLECOL301.440025.2184417280.9790.4
Hector Daniel RodriguezATLGWN322.67500272298110281.1990.0
Brian FlynnMIANEW223.6761034.1351414310291.3188.7
Adam WilkPITIND314.035002924131339241.1487.0
Casey SadlerPITIND301.6740027175516160.8587.0
Mike MontgomeryTBDUR302.8150025.21788212281.1386.4
Marcus StromanTORBUF221.6951026.2227507361.0985.4
David BuchananPHILHV303.4560028.2261111213191.3684.9
Bo SchultzARIREN222.9500312714101422183.0
Eric JokischCHCIOW213.485003130171235261.1383.0
Adam ConleyMIANEW223.9950029.124141309321.1381.2
Wade LeBlancLAASLC315.335102736171659261.6781.0
Anthony RanaudoBOSPAW223.7761128.2291712216321.5780.4
Jason LaneSDELP222.325003131983391.178.5

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list?  Do you want them called up and playing over your teams current pitching staff?  Let us know in the comment section! 

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