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Swiper No Swiping

Bobby Abreu stole his 400th career base tonight for the New York Mets.  He is 1 of 5 active players to reach this feat (74th all-time), joining Ichiro Suzuki (475), Carl Crawford (456), Jose Reyes (436) and Jimmy Rollins (431)But looking further down that list of base stealers, where are all the current MLB players?!

Derek Jeter is the next active player on the list, with 349 stolen bases followed by Chone Figgins at 339.  Alex Rodriguez (322), Rafael Furcal (314), Carlos Beltran (309) and Michael Bourn (303) are the only other with 300+ bases stolen.  With the age and skill level of these guys, none of them will reach 400.  So who is next?

Jacoby Ellsbury is 30 years old and has 255 career stolen bases over 8 MLB seasons.  That is an average of a little more than 31 stolen bases per season, but that's with 3 seasons of 50 or more, including 2009 when he swiped 70 bases for the Boston Red Sox.  In order to reach 400, Ellsbury will have to average more than 20 stolen bases for the remainder of his 7 year $153 mil contract with the New York Yankees. With 14 stolen bases already in 2014, Ellsbury should be the next player to reach 400 career stolen bases.

The other candidate to be the next to reach 400 stolen bases is rookie Billy Hamilton.  Hamilton is just 24 years old, has 19 stolen bases in 2014 and over his minor league career, stole 395 bases in just 5 seasons. Yeah, that's right, 103 in 2011 and 155 in 2012.  Last season he added 75 in the minors, and 13 as a pinch runner for the Cincinnati Reds in September.

Elvis Andrus, Jose Altuve and Ben Revere are dark horses in this race, but as 30-40 stolen base guys, they will need to consistently hit around .300 and stay healthy for 10-12 years.  Can be done, but it's a long shot without 50+ steals in a season!