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RotoDerby June Longball Derby

The MLB season has been an interesting one and as we enter June, RotoDerby is giving you a few ways to play!

Top RotoDerby Hitters in 2014

The May Derbies had it's player pool shortened thanks to injures to Mark Trumbo, Jason Kipnis, Josh Hamilton, and Ryan Zimmerman.  Encarnacion was the top player in May with 69 points, Yasiel Puig was second best with just 39!  Moss, Miguel Cabrera, Cruz, Tulo and Stanton were the only other players with 30+ points.

Encarnacion turned his season around in May with 11 home runs and 24 RBI, striking out just 10 times.  In April, he hit just 2 home runs with 15 RBI, punched out 22 times, and really hurt us RotoDerby players that selected him in derbies.  Thankfully, he has redeemed himself and you should trust him in June!

Selecting 6 infielders and 4 outfielders from a pool of 133 players is not that easy when you are limited to 220 home runs from last season, aka your salary cap.  There is truly no formula in selecting players, but you need to understand the scoring system.

All teams compete on just 3 stats:

  • HR = +5pt
  • RBI = +1pt
  • K = -1pt 

It's as simple as Draft, Score and Win! Whatever strategy you choose, RotoDerby puts you back in control of your time to spend it as you wish while getting back in the game you love to play – FANTASY BASEBALL SIMPLIFIED!