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Buccaneers Have High Hopes for Mike Evans

I could make an argument for Mike Evans being the biggest part of the phenomenon that was Johnny Manziel's career at Texas A&M. Things get much easier in the pocket if you have a giant, muscled up receiver to just heave the football to when you get in trouble. Evans was the go to guy for Johnny Football, especially when things were breaking down and the quarterback was scrambling around. A 6'5", 231 pound monster is a great bailout option.

Evans now becomes the new hope at wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team took him at #7 in the first round of the draft this year so they are counting on him contributing heavily early on in the year. He is signed to a contract that gave him about 9 million guaranteed, on a 14.6 million dollar deal. Mike Evans has the frame and the skill to make that contract pay off for the Bucs. He was a man among boys when he was in college with his size versus defenders. He knows how to use that bulk also, as he is not afraid to rough up a defender when necessary. Once he learns the intricacies of the NFL game, he will be able to get open just as he did at A&M.

Evans will have a QB on the rise in Josh McCown, who played very well for Chicago last year in relief of Jay Cutler. McCown had only one INT versus 13 touchdowns in eight games (five starts) last year. Those numbers could be bolstered by Evans' arrival and the only other viable Bucs receiver, Vincent Jackson. Jackson had one of his best seasons ever catching the ball in 2013. He ended the year with 7 TDs and 78 catches. He and Evans have a chance to be a fearsome tandem at the wideout position. The mix of experience and youthful athleticism will be something to watch if they get off to a good start with McCown.

With a great deal of optimism for the team and new coach, Lovie Smith, the Bucs need to get off to a quick start this year. They have high expectations with a Super Bowl coach now at the helm in Smith. It will be interesting to see how much improvement is shown in year one with some new faces on the scene. It was just a few seasons ago when it looked like the franchise was on the right path with a hot young QB in Josh Freeman. Things went from promising to dismal in a hurry and coaches were fired and players like Freeman were shipped off. Things do seem to change rapidly in the NFL. The Bucs hit rock bottom in no time at all, but now have the chance to bounce back. If Evans lives up to his potential and the rest of the team can improve gradually, Tampa bay could be set for the next half a decade. They have the right coach leading them now and a hungry young receiver. Evans was a big part of Johnny Manziel's success, so now he has the chance to do the same for Tampa.

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