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A Very Early Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Every summer, it's important to take part in a handful of mock drafts before your official fantasy football league draft takes place. This will give you a feel for how the draft will go, what positions are the deepest and you can come up with a strategy, which you can attack your real draft with.

I am in a 12-man fantasy football league, so I joined a 12-man mock draft and had the 7th pick.

Before the draft started, I browsed through all the positions and noticed the wide receivers are VERY deep in 2014. Knowing this, I can focus my top 2-3 picks on strictly running backs and quarterbacks.

The quarterback position is loaded with valuable quarterbacks who will give you consistent production on a weekly basis. Plus with quarterbacks you really only need to look at the top 15, as nobody will take 2 QBs before filling their other offensive positions.

Running backs on the other hand are very questionable. There are 6 great running backs in Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Adrian Peterson, Eddie Lacy, Marshawn Lynch and Matt Forte. After that, it's a crapshoot.

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My Draft:

  1. Calvin Johnson, WR Detroit Lions
    • As I said, I picked 7th and there were 6 very good running backs. Unfortunately for me, those 6 guys were all taken ahead of me. I was not willing to use my 1st round pick on a running back I was not confident drafting. So I ended up taking the best player on the board and that was Calvin Johnson.
  2. Doug Martin, RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • I had my eye on the Broncos RB Montee Ball but he was taken right before me. I went with Doug Martin in hopes he will have a bounce back year, after he struggled before suffering a season ending injury. With the Bucs having Vincent Jackson and rookie Mike Evans, they will have a lethal passing attack, which should open up the running game for Martin.
  3. Giovani Bernard, RB Cincinnati Bengals
    • Bernard had a great rookie campaign, serving as a backup to the the lawfirm BJGE. He managed to put up over 1,000 yards of offense and score 8 touchdowns. He's very valuable in a PPR league and should be the leader in the backfield in 2014.
  4. Roddy White, WR Atlanta Falcons
    • From 2007-2012, White was one of the most productive WRs in the NFL. He had at least 1,153 receving yards and 6 touchdowns in all of those seasons. 2013 was a down year for White as the entire Falcons roster struggled. With a healthy Julio Jones, White should have a nice bounce back year.
  5. Jason Witten, TE Dallas Cowboys
    • I have my eye on a few wide receivers who I can grab in the next 2-3 rounds so I wanted to grab a solid tight end and I got that with Witten. The Cowboys are a pass heavy offense as they let Romo whip the ball around the field, and Witten is his go to guy.
  6. Seattle, DEF
    • Yes, I should never take a defense in the 6th round. However I am tired of following that rule every year and then losing close matchups because my defense gets me 3 total points and my opponent has an elite defense who gets them 15-20 points. Having Seattle on your team is like having another RB. If they're available, grab them!
  7. Marques Colston, WR New Orleans Saints
    • I've always loved Colston. He's a huge target and he plays for the Saints and his QB is Drew Brees. With Darren Sproles gone, Brees will look more often to his WRs and I think it will benefit Colston in 2014. Jimmy Graham is the man for the Saints, but defenses look to take him out of the gameplan, which will only help Colston's production.
  8. Trent Richardson, RB Indianapolis Colts
    • There is no doubt about it, Richardson was an absolute bust for the Colts last season after the blockbuster trade. Richardson will have the entire off season and pre season to grow with Andrew Luck and the Colts offense. There is a reason he was the 3rd overall pick and he will give the Colts production out of the backfield.
  9. Tony Romo, QB Dallas Cowboys
    • Romo finished 5th last season with 31 passing touchdowns and I think that number will only go up in 2014. The Cowboys will be without Sean Lee who was expected to lead the defense after DeMarcus Ware signed with the Broncos. Romo and the passing offense will be leaned on heavily to keep Dallas in ball games as the defense will give up a ton of points.
  10. Hakeem Nicks, WR Indianapolis Colts
    • If anyone remembers what Nicks did with the Giants when healthy, then they'll agree with me that drafting him in the 10th round as a 4th WR is somewhat of a steal. Nicks is only 26 and in 2010 & 2011 he had back to back 1,000 yard seasons with a combined 18 touchdowns. With T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne already on the roster, Nicks won't be the main focus in the Colts passing game which should help him get back to playing at his top potential.
  11. Steven Hauschka, K Seattle Seahawks
    • The Seahawks won a lot of games in 2013 thanks to their defense and special teams play. My team has both their defense and kicker. Nothing else to say about that. No need to elaborate on a kicker.
  12. Mark Ingram, RB New Orleans Saints
    • Darren Sproles is now a Philadelphia Eagle, which means Ingram should see the field more often in 2014. There has always been a congested backfield in New Orleans, but with Sproles out of the picture, I think Ingram will finally have his chance to be the featured back for the Saints.
  13. Steve Smith, WR Baltimore Ravens
    • For the first time in his career, Steve Smith will not be the #1 option in the passing game. Smith now a member of the Baltimore Ravens will play second fiddle to Torrey Smith. Steve Smith who is now 35 can only benefit to not being the main target and should see softer matchups in the secondary.
  14. Josh McCown, QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
    • Last season when Jay Cutler was out with an injury, Josh McCown stepped up the Bears and put up solid numbers. Because of his performance, it got him a job as the new starting QB for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Not only does he have a huge target in Vincent Jackson, but the team also drafted Mike Evans out of Texas A&M, another big target with great hands. McCown has a good arm and will have plenty of opportunities to throw deep in 2014.
  15. Jared Cook, TE St. Louis Rams
    • To finish off my roster, I picked up a backup TE in Jared Cook. The 27 year old has increased his touchdown totals every year since entering the NFL. He had a career high 5 touchdowns last season. 

Complete Roster:

QB - Tony Romo
WR - Calvin Johnson
WR - Roddy White
WR - Marques Colston
RB - Doug Martin
RB - Giovanni Bernard
TE - Jason Witten 
K - Steven Hauschka
DEF - Seattle

QB - Josh McCown
WR - Hakeem Nicks
WR - Steve Smith
RB - Trent Richardson
RB - Mark Ingram
TE - Jared Cook

Top 10 Players Drafted At Each Position


1. Peyton Manning - Round 1
2. Drew Brees - Round 2
3. Aaron Rodgers - Round 2
4. Andrew Luck - Round 5
5. Matthew Stafford - Round 5
6. Cam Newton - Round 5
7. Matt Ryan - Round 5
8. Robert Griffin III - Round 6
9. Tom Brady - Round 6
10. Russell Wilson - Round 8

Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson - Round 1
2. Demaryius Thomas - Round 1
3. A.J. Green - Round 1
4. Dez Bryant - Round 2
5. Brandon Marshall - Round 2
6. Julio Jones - Round 2
7. Jordy Nelson - Round 2
8. Alshon Jeffery - Round 3
9. Antonio Brown - Round 3
10. Randall Cobb - Round 3

Running Backs

1. Jamaal Charles - Round 1
2. LeSean McCoy - Round 1
3. Adrian Peterson - Round 1
4. Marshawn Lynch - Round 1
5. Eddie Lacy - Round 1
6. Matt Forte - Round 1
7. Le'Veon Bell - Round 1
8. Alfred Morris - Round 2
9. DeMarco Murray - Round 2
10. Montee Ball - Round 2

Tight Ends

1. Jimmy Graham - Round 1
2. Julius Thomas - Round 3
3. Vernon Davis - Round 4
4. Rob Gronkowski - Round 5
5. Jason Witten - Round 5
6. Jordan Cameron - Round 6
7. Greg Olsen - Round 7
8. Dennis Pitta - Round 7
9. Martellus Bennett - Round 9
10. Kyle Rudolph - Round 10


1. Stephen Gostkowski - Round 9
2. Matt Prater - Round 9
3. Adam Vinatieri - Round 9
4. Justin Tucker - Round 10
5. Steven Hauschka - Round 11
6. Phil Dawson - Round 12
7. Dan Bailey - Round 12
8. Mason Crosby - Round 14
9. Blair Walsh - Round 14
10. Graham Gano - Round 15


1. Seattle - Round 6
2. San Francisco - Round 7
3. Houston - Round 8
4. Kansas City - Round 8
5. Carolina - Round 8
6. St. Louis - Round 11
7. Cincinnati - Round 11
8. Arizona - Round 11
9. New England - Round 11
10. Denver - Round 13