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LineUpLeader Daily Fantasy Line-Up Tool is a small player in the Daily Fantasy tool site marketplace but delivers big value.  With fees currently waived, the price is great.  The concept behind LineUpLeader is to be a one-stop daily-fantasy shop.  Today, when you build a line-up, you are probably visiting the following sites:

  1. A daily fantasy site like FanDuel, DraftKings or Draft Street to get salary information
  2. A weather site to see what games to avoid
  3. A gambling site to find the latest odds
  4. A sports site to find out how players have performed recently
  5. A specialty roster site that collects starting line-ups
  6. Other specialty sites to give you information on player match-ups.
Then, you are going to have to get all this information together, maybe build a spreadsheet.

LineUpLeader has been designed to integrate all of this things into a single tool and then let you figure out who you want to include.  Additionally, they have customized the fantasy projections to be more accurate than simply looking at average fantasy points scored this season.  They weigh recent games more heavily, factor in the parks being played and then give users both high and low projections to go with the normal projection.

What else makes them different?

LineUpLeader is not going to give you a single optimized line-up like many places.  Instead, they let you choose the players and/or teams that you want and exclude the players that you do not want.  Much of your research is already available on the site at a click of your mouse.  Finally, they do all the math to generate thousands of line-ups that fit your criteria and you can choose the ones that works best for you.

Here are some of the other features that are worth calling out:
  • Sortable Columns: sort by player name, team, salary, projected points, cost per fantasy point, etc
  • In addition to showing starters, LineUpLeader shows where they are batting in the lineup.
  • With a single click, you can exclude a game.  Very useful when eliminating potential rainouts so you don’t mistakenly include players who will not play.
  • Player stats for every player which include the last 20 game logs, information on past performance on the pitcher they will face plus some details on how the projection was derived.
  • You can add entire teams if you want to stack a line-up at the click of a button.
  • Lastly, you can save lineups and the tool will automatically score it overnight so you can practice without spending money or even going to a daily fantasy site.