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Review: Matthew Berry's 100 Fantasy Football Facts

Matthew Berry released 100 fantasy football facts today.  His article is not really 100 facts, but each thought is broken down into multiple parts.  Here are a few that really stood out, but make sure you read them all!
  • 3. Last year, Patriots wide receivers were tackled at the 1-yard line eight times. 
    • That would have given Tom Brady 32 passing touchdowns in 2013 and would have sat him 3rd amongst QBs according to our scoring system, behind Peyton Manning and Drew Brees
  • 26. If you combine the 2013 fantasy points of Jay Cutler and Josh McCown, the Bears combo QB was the third highest scoring QB.
    • ◦A healthy Cutler can produce big time fantasy points thanks to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte. Don't be afraid to wait in your drafts for him, but do make sure you pick up a 2nd QB at some point!
  • 53. Over the past three seasons, the New Orleans Saints have targeted running backs 571 times.
    • Darren Sproles is gone, who gets all those looks this year?  Brandin Cooks is sure to lineup behind or next to Brees quite often.  Pierre Thomas could also improve on his 77 receptions from last season.
  • 71. Last year, Dez Bryant was tackled inside the 5-yard line seven times, most in the NFL.
    • Dez with 7 more TDs is easily the top WR in fantasy football...and he was that close to 20 receiving touchdowns!  That is of course, assuming he did not go on to catch a short pass for a TD.
  • 76. With Emmanuel Sanders now playing for the Broncos and Jerricho Cotchery now playing for the Panthers, the remaining Steelers with the most receiving touchdowns after Antonio Brown last year are Heath Miller, Matt Spaeth, Will Johnson, Derek Moye. They each had one.
  • 89. Over the final eight weeks of the season, only four wide receivers had more receptions than Kendall Wright's 51: Pierre Garcon, Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon and Andre Johnson
    • That's a pretty telling stat, do not undervalue him in PPR leagues!