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Top Destinations for Big Name NBA Free Agents

LeBron James Heat NBA Free AgentThis summer is projected to be a very hot one for the NBA but not just because of the temperatures around the country. Apart from the highly anticipated NBA Draft, which is a few days ahead, the upcoming free agency will feature some of the best players in the league. Let’s examine the top destination for each of the big name free agents of the 2014 class.

LeBron James

There are two reasons why LeBron James might choose terminate his contract with the Miami Heat. One is that he does so in order to re-sign a smaller deal with Miami and open room for another star in South Beach, potentially Carmelo Anthony. The other reason would be in order to depart from South Beach and sign with another team. Although we don’t have a clear indication at the moment about where LeBron will head, the top destination for The King seems to be Miami.

Carmelo Anthony

Although there are several teams interested in Melo, some of them title contenders, the New York Knicks are actively trying to retain their superstar. Anthony, who is 30 years old and has yet to play an NBA Finals game, could join a team like the Houston Rockets or the Chicago Bulls thus getting a chance to win a championship. Nonetheless, New York currently seems to be the best fit for Melo. The presence of Phil Jackson guarantees a better future for New York. In one year from now, the Knicks will have the financial flexibility to bring in another superstar and form a powerhouse around Melo.

Chris Bosh

LeBron James is drawing the most attention when it comes to the potential free agency of Miami’s Big Three. However, Chris Bosh holds the exact same early termination option like LeBron. Bosh was previously rumored to want out of Miami but his latest statements hinted otherwise. The versatile big man will most probably return in Miami for another season and that’s the best option he has at the moment, even if that means opting out and re-signing for less money with the Heat.

Tim Duncan Spurs NBA Tim Duncan

After achieving to win an NBA Championship in three different decades Tim Duncan has the entire summer ahead to decide whether he’ll return for another season in the league or he will hang his shoes. Duncan holds a player option for the upcoming season and he eventually comes back, he could test the market… Nah, just kidding. If he comes back we all know what uniform he will be wearing.

Dirk Nowitzki

It’s notable that although Nowitzki is aging he has managed to retain his All - Star level of performance. Last season he finished with 21.7 points and 6.2 rebounds per game. He will be an unrestricted free agent this summer but we all know he will return to Dallas. Mark Cuban knows that better than anyone else. And the truth is that there seems to be no better fit for Nowitzki than the Mavericks. It’s his team no matter if it’s not the best one in the league.

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