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Ray Rice Could Receive a 4-6 Game Suspension

The Summer is quickly approaching, which means fantasy football fanatics are thinking about their leagues draft. One of the biggest question marks heading into the 2014 NFL season is the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Last season, Ray Rice had hands down his worst season in the NFL. Carrying the ball 214 times, Rice only managed 660 yards (3.1 avg). This was Rice's lowest total since his rookie season back in 2008. He was a fantasy football bust last season for everyone who wasted a 1st or 2nd round pick on him and frustrated his owners and Raven fans all season long.

Yes Rice did suffer an injury that more than likely played a role in his struggles but his 4 previous seasons, Rice averaged 1,267 yards per season and a 4.7 average. It seemed like every carry he took last season he was being tackled in the backfield or right at the line of scrimmage. Was it a case of Rice dancing too much? Has he lost a step? Is the Ravens offensive line that bad? Or was he just injury plagued?

Regardless of the answer, Rice will be an interesting player heading into the 2014 fantasy football season.

This off season Ray Rice was at the center of a domestic abuse case where he allegedly beat his girlfriend (now wife) in an Atlantic City casino. The league might be handing down a 4-6 game suspension on Rice which would be a huge blow to his career and the Ravens offense.

With Gary Kubiak as the new Ravens offensive coordinator, a 4-6 game suspension would give Bernard Pierce, Justin Forsett or Lorenzo Taliaferro a chance to prove themselves.

So I ask this question to all of you fantasy football players - Would you draft Ray Rice at all this year? Or do you totally ignore him? And if you do draft him, what round would you consider grabbing him? Voice your opinion on Ray Rice in the comments section!