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Fantasy Baseball Pro Tips

There is a great post on Reddit right now, asking r/FantasyBaseball what their secret to Fantasy Baseball success is. Reddit is a great place for information on any topic, but there are great sports minds in all different subreddits that you need to take advantage of!  There are currently over 80 comments on this topic!
Reddit Fantasy Baseball Tips
  • DO utilize middle relievers if you have innings or GS limits
  • DO draft with player rankings based on your league's scoring settings
  • DO know and exploit league settings to the full extent allowed
  • DO sign players that actually fill a statistical need for you, not just players that "look" good
  • DO be patient! It's a long season
  • DO sort by average stats and look at the past 30 days, when scouring the waivers
  • DO consider trading multiple (expendable) players for one, whenever possible
  • DO be careful about trading multiple good players for one great player
  • DO watch games, especially for pitching evaluations (if you're capable)
  • DO learn how to read / understand advanced stats (xFIP, SIERA, BABIP, etc.). In other words, spend some time on FanGraphs
  • DO NOT carry many bench batters
  • DO NOT be reactionary 
  • DO NOT draft catchers early
  • DO NOT draft based on positional scarcity alone
  • DO NOT overvalue saves (aka, "Never pay for saves")