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Consistent Hitters in Fantasy Baseball

Finding consistently good hitters makes fantasy baseball much easier.  With pitching, you can stream daily and pick up an extra win and some more strikeouts from just about anywhere.  With hitting, your lineup rarely fluctuates and it's important to feel confident in the players you own.  Let's look at which players have given us 3 months of consistent play, who has gotten better with each month, and who has been on a downward trend since the end of April.

Each month's fantasy points total is based on our scoring system:

  • Singles - 1pt
  • Doubles - 2pts
  • Triples - 3pts
  • Home runs - 2pts
  • RBI - 2pts
  • Runs Scored - 2pts
  • Walks - 1pt
  • Stolen Bases - 1pt  

Paul Goldschmidt145137132
Freddie Freeman124123127
Matt Carpenter112110106
Jacoby Ellsbury109100105
Anthony Rizzo109119129
Erick Aybar10810096
Ian Desmond1019897
Casey McGehee98103109
Desmond Jennings908791
Matt Dominguez809085
Mark Reynolds778274
Domonic Brown767683
Conor Gillaspie727366
Mike Zunino686978
Chris Owings627078

*We have sorted this list by the most points in April

To be considered consistent, we narrowed down the hitters that stayed with 10 points (either way) of the previous months total.  Goldschmidt was the best April player that did not fall off between months, however, he is also on the downward trend list with Carpenter, Aybar, & Desmond.  Rizzo, McGehee, Zunino & Owings made the upward trend list.

Upward TrendAprilMayJune
Adrian Beltre52120128
Jonathan Lucroy84112141
Todd Frazier97115148
Adam Jones88123137
Khris Davis85107126
Kyle Seager88110128
Jason Heyward78104113
Robinson Cano91121126
Denard Span76100109
Asdrubal Cabrera8293115
Derek Jeter566786
Billy Butler689598
Ian Kinsler104124133
B.J. Upton669193
Nick Markakis8899113
Yoenis Cespedes106125130
Anthony Rizzo109119129
Carlos Santana828499
Alex Gordon99114116
Chris Owings627078
Casey McGehee98103109
Mike Zunino686978

*We have sorted this list by the biggest differential between April and June

Miguel Cabrera and Edwin Encarnacion had the greatest increase in fantasy points between April and May.  Billy Hamilton and Adam LaRoche led between May and June.  Lucroy is the only player in baseball to have his fantasy points increase by at least 20 points between April-May & May-June.  Seager, Davis, and Frazier were the only players with a 15 point jump from month to month.  Jones, Markakis, Jeter, Cabrera and Rizzo with 10+ in each month.

Downward TrendAprilMayJune
Alexei Ramirez13411358
Jose Bautista15314682
Charlie Blackmon14710489
Adrian Gonzalez1459787
Yadier Molina1047750
Howie Kendrick12110371
Justin Upton12711281
Troy Tulowitzki163125117
Giancarlo Stanton159156114
David Murphy959454
Dayan Viciedo999162
Brett Lawrie928157
Jackie Bradley Jr896556
Austin Jackson987366
Carlos Gomez133124105
Matt Holliday11710289
Kurt Suzuki846956
Jason Castro807753
Dustin Ackley797554
Martin Prado979277
Adam Dunn967877
Jonathan Schoop675251
Paul Goldschmidt145137132
Erick Aybar10810096
Matt Carpenter112110106
Ian Desmond1019897

*We have sorted this list by the biggest differential between April and June

Thanks to injuries, Jose Abreu and LaRoche had the biggest drop in fantasy points between April and May.  Albert Pujols did play in May, but a .234 batting average led to just 9 RBI, even with 5 HR!  Yasiel Puig couldn't repeat a ridiculous month of May and totaled less than half of his May points in June.  Nelson Cruz and Josh Donaldson also struggled to replicate a stellar month of May.  As proven in the consistency list, being a part of this group is not necessary a bad thing.  Stanton is actually our #1 ranked fantasy player overall.

Molina has been the worst of the bunch seeing his point total decrease by at least 25 points in each month.  Ramirez is the only other to lose at least 20 points between months.  Blackmon, Kendrick and Upton make the cut at -15 each month.  Gonzalez, Holliday, Suzuki and Lawrie join at -10 points per month.