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5 Pitchers to Target Post All-Star Break

There just 11 pitchers in the MLB who have won 20 or more games, after the All-Star break, since the 2011 season.  Clayton Kershaw leads the pack with 28, followed by Ian Kennedy and Jered Weaver with 25 victories.  The remaining 8 pitchers won't surprise you, James Shields (24), Justin Verlander (23), Zack Greinke and Doug Fister (22), Max Scherzer, Yovani Gallardo and Gio Gonzalez (21) and David Price (20).  There are then 32 other starting pitchers who have won between 15-19 games in the 2nd half of the last three baseball seasons.  Let's take a look at the pitchers you should target for a 2nd half run in fantasy baseball, based on their success in the last 3 seasons, post All-Star break.

Kyle Lohse has made 40 2nd half starts for the Cardinals and Brewers since the 2011 season, and owns a 19-6 record with a 3.10 ERA over 244.1 IP with 178 strikeouts. He is not going to dominate in the K category, but between QS, ERA & WHIP, Lohse is one guy to target for a post All-Star game run.

R.A. Dickey hasn't been great this year 6-7 with a 4.24 ERA, but over the last 3 season, after the All-Star game, Dickey has won 18 games for the New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays, with 248 Ks over 302.2 IP.

Dan Haren has been a nice signing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, winning 8 games and owns an ERA under 3.60 with a 1.21 WHIP.  Over the last 3 season, pitching for the Los Angeles Angels and the Washington Nationals, after the All-Star game, Haren has won 18 games (6 in each season) with a 3.71 ERA with 201 strikeouts in 252.2 innings pitched.

Ervin Santana had a rough month of May, but pitched 4 of 5 quality starts in June.  Over the past three 2nd halves of the MLB season, Santana has tallied 16 wins for the Angels and Kansas City Royals.  Actually, 16 of his 29 wins over the last 3 seasons have come post All-Star break.

Matt Cain owns a 2.70 ERA over 40 starts after All-Star games since 2011.  This season hasn't been great for Cain, 1-6 with a 4.38 ERA, but his history proves he could be valuable in the 2nd half.