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Who Would You Rather Have - Eric Decker or Hakeem Nicks

Both Eric Decker and Hakeem Nicks are leaving a Manning QB, but Decker is going from Peyton Manning to Michael Vick and Geno Smith, while Nicks leaves Eli Manning for Andrew Luck.  However, Decker goes from a crowded WR Corp to a lonely island, while Nicks bought the last ticket on a crowded plane to a popular destination.

Decker has gone from the best possible scenario in Denver, playing with Peyton Manning, to the worst scenario in New York playing with Michael Vick or Geno Smith.  However, he is now the go to receiver and won't have to compete with Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas for targets.  Touchdowns have found Decker, with or without Peyton, as he hauled in 8 of them with Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow tossing the pigskin.  I would say it is difficult to imagine him coming near his prior 2 season averages of 86 catches for 1176 yards and 12 TDs.  Since 2009, under Rex Ryan, no Jets WR has caught 60 passes (TE Dustin Keller did in 2011).  Can Decker be change Jets fans and fantasy owners wish to see?

Nicks was a perfect example of how wacky the New York Giants season was in 2013.  He caught 56 passes for 896 yards, yet did not catch a touchdown.  Even in 2012, playing in just 13 games he managed to catch 3 TDs.  From his rookie season in 2009 through the 2011 season, Nicks averaged 67 catches for 1011 yards and 8 scores.  Not likely to see those numbers playing alongside Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton, but Andrew Luck did target Donnie Avery 125 times in 2012, after checking in on Wayne 194 times and Hilton 95 times, so there are targets to be shared.

Average Draft Position

Eric Decker

  • 36th WR
  • 91st Overall (↑1)
  • Drafted before Dennis Pitta
  • Drafted after Seahawks Def

Hakeem Nicks

  • 41st WR
  • 106th Overall (↑1)
  • Drafted before Jeremy Hill
  • Drafted after Khiry Robinson
  • 45rd WR (↓2)
  • 132nd Overall (↓9)
  • Drafted before Lions Def
  • Drafted after Steelers Def
  • 47th WR (↑2)
  • 148th overall (↑5)
  • Drafted before Texans Def
  • Drafted after Chris Ivory

All the experts will rank Decker higher than Nicks, and Fantasy Pros Who Should I Draft? machine gives Decker a 96% victory over Nicks.

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