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Just How Good Is Brett Gardner?

The New York Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner is on absolute fire! The lefty has been destroying Texas Rangers pitching over the past 3 days. After a solo shot in the first inning tonight, he is now 8-11 in the series with 6 runs scored, 2 doubles, 4 home runs and 4 RBI.

Gardner on the year is now batting .285 with 14 home runs and 47 RBI, out of the lead off spot. He currently leads the Yankees in runs (67), triples (6), total bases (175), walks (42), OBP (.357) and WAR (3.1).

Remember, the team acquired Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran this offseason. 

No doubt about it, he's the Bronx Bombers MVP up to this point in the season.