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ESPN Gridiron Challenge Eliminator

Gridiron Challenge, our salary-cap based game, is back for 2014, but with a handful of changes and wrinkles that should add to the weekly fantasy football fun. The game itself is relatively simple: Build a roster of two quarterbacks, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a team defense/special teams, and get points for their performances.  And compared to our usual fantasy football scoring, offensive players won't get penalized for turnovers, like interceptions or fumbles. As for the team defenses/special teams, they can be penalized for giving up too many points; however, they will earn you five fantasy points for a real-life win.

We now have a second option for Gridiron Challenge that's sort of a player-based version of our Eliminator game. In this format, you build a roster as noted above, but once you use a player in a given week, you can't use him the rest of the season (i.e. You won't get any points for him in subsequent weeks). There is no salary cap involved in this game, so you can load up on all the superstars you want in any given week. However, you just can't use them the rest of the way. As the weeks go by, the pickings can get a little slim, so some advanced planning and research could be in order as you figure out when to use the superstars and when to wait. Investigating matchups can go a long way in succeeding in this format. Thankfully, you can try out both options, and there are prizes for the top winners in each format. So good luck and build out the best roster that you can!

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Each week we will have a post with that weeks suggestions and will be a great place to come and ask all of your questions and either hotdog about your weekly sleeper or cry about the previous weeks mistakes! Feel free to invite friends to the league on your own!

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