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Top AAA Hitters

Joc Pederson was rumored to be in a David Price deal that would have landed the Rays Ace in Hollywood, instead he is in the Motor City. Pederson will continue to play at AAA because of the resurgence of Matt Kemp's bat, plus Yasiel Puig, Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford.

11Joc PedersonALBLADCF9434374108144235677250.315491
32Shane PetersonSACOAKCF1094387713831387250110.315489
143Ty KellyTACSEA2B105346699014115697170.26454
214Steven Souza Jr.SYRWASRF8832160114232176947230.355448
435Javier BaezIOWCHCSS1013786098242217831160.259440
156Mark CanhaNEWMIA1B973606611325215644430.314422
327Ezequiel CarreraTOLDETCF973746811515564148430.307435
378Nick BussSACOAKLF105420691211554533590.288416
69Mike JacobsRENARI1B1063895711530012715200.296411
910Adam DuvallFRESF1B79314579516326802520.303417

Javier Baez is hitting .358 since the All-Star break with 7 home runs, yes 7 home runs, (5 of them have come in the last 10 games)and 23 RBI in 17 games!  The Cubs have to give him a shot this year and you better have him stashed on your fantasy team!

1211Ruben GotayLOUCIN2B1084047510720116545220.265426
2712Kyle JensenNEWMIARF1053905510622021754310.272418
2313Gary BrownFRESFCF1084276711417585030230.267413
2514Jose PirelaSWBNYY2B1024227113216784526120.313412
215Ben PaulsenCOLCOL1B963506210224615574930.291407
2616Andy MarteRENARI3B1023765912426213623610.33397
1817Jared HoyingRRTEXCF1033886297255175732130.25397
718Clint RobinsonALBLAD1B913295710123114635100.307393
8419Andy WilkinsCHACHW1B1003896011126126702000.285408
3620Chris DominguezFRESFRF10339753107183166118190.27382
521Domingo SantanaOKCHOULF1023845311225113604960.292390
5622Brennan BoeschSLCLAARF75298499617619682360.322380
5723Matt FieldsOMAKC1B993695610026221643110.271377
9324Jesus MonteroTACSEA1B87329519924116733400.301391
1625Allan DykstraLVNYM1B93282537719214656800.273386
3326Paulo OrlandoOMAKCRF1063924712116654631260.309374
427Nate FreimanSACOAK1B79307488822115734000.287371
2428Jeff FrancoeurELPSDRF9839149115182156018100.294371
1029Dan JohnsonBUFTOR1B94314557819017547900.248381
830Arismendy AlcantaraIOWCHC2B89335621032511104125210.307379

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list?  Do you want them called up and playing over your teams current position player?  Let us know in the comment section! 

Top AAA Starting Pitchers

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How are Fantasy Points calculated?
Singles - 1pt
Doubles - 2pts
Triples - 3pts
Homeruns - 2pts
RBI - 2pts
Runs Scored - 2pts
Walks - 1pt
Stolen Bases - 1pt

*150 AB min