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A Very Early Fantasy Basketball Mock Draft

Yes the fantasy football season hasn't even started yet, but I couldn't help myself from taking part in an early fantasy basketball mock draft! It's never too early to get your feet wet and see what kind of team you can put together.

I randomly selected in the 5th spot in a 12 man league on Yahoo.

Here are my draft results:

  • He's the ideal PG in fantasy basketball. Not only does he shoot 46% from the field, he shoots 85% from the foul line, hits 3's, and will usually lead the league in assists and steals.
  • I really wanted Blake Griffin here, but he was selected right before my turn. The center position is quite limited in basketball, and if I can grab a guy who is capable of a triple double on any given night, I'll take it.
  • Finishing off my centers, I grabbed Dwight Howard who I was really surprised was still available. Possibly the best rebounder in the game, plus a defensive beast. Shoots an extremely high FG % but could kill you with his poor free throw shooting.
  • Wanting to stay big, I went with Duncan in the 4th round. There is no more efficiant player in the NBA than Tim Duncan. He does everything right and does the little things to help the Spurs win games and that translates to the fantasy world as well.
  • I guess Tony Parker goes hand in hand with Tim Duncan. Pairing him with CP3, it's hard to have a better duo at the PG position.
  • He's on a new team this year, joining the Charlotte Hornets but I believe Stephenson will have a better season than he did last year on the Pacers. Stephenson led the NBA in triple doubles last year.
  • It was really a toss up between Randolph and Luol Deng. I just love the way Randolph plays and I do not like the Miami Heat's roster going into the 2014 season.
  • Harris was a beast last year with the Magic averaging 14.6 points and 7 rebounds. He just turned 22 and he's only getting better.
  • Brandon Knight is also just 22 years old and in his third season (1st with the Bucks) he had his best season yet. He averaged just under 18 points a game with 5 assists and 3.5 rebounds.
  • Starting alongside Lebron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, I have a feeling he'll be left open plenty and he'll just knock down shots.
  • With Rajon Rondo back, healthy and running the Celtics offense again, Green can go back to playing his game. You can tell he was a little thrown off without Rondo as his FG% dropped off from 46.7% to 41.2%.
  • Kevin Garnett should just retire as he really has nothing left in the tank and who knows how long Brook Lopez will stay healthy for. Plumlee is a beast around the basket and shot 66% from the field last year.
  • With the Spurs aging, Belinelli will see extended playing time throughout the season. He's got a deadly jumper and can score in a hurry.

Final Roster

PG - Chris Paul
SG - Brandon Knight
G - Tony Parker
SF - Lance Stephenson
PF - Tim Duncan
F - Zach Randolph
C - Joakim Noah
C - Dwight Howard
Util - Tobias Harris
Util - Jeff Green

Bench - Dion Waiters
Bench - Mason Plumlee
Bench - Marco Belinelli