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20 Team Fantasy Football Draft Recap Pt. 1

Now entering our 3rd season of the 20 Team Fantasy Football league, we decided to make some changes to the league. First, we changed the rosters to feature just 1 RB and added a RB/WR/TE while shrinking the bench to just 4 spots. This should give teams much more flexibility in filling out their rosters come the BYE weeks. Also, we dropped QB TDs from 6 pts to 4 pts to level out the playing field a bit.

The Denver Broncos had 5 players selected in the first 60 picks.  The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions each had 4 players drafted.

The Baltimore Ravens,  Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans did not have a player drafted.

  • 24 RBs were drafted
  • 22 WRs
  • 10 QBs
  • 4  TEs

Inagural Season Recap

Last Season Draft Recap

Round 1

The draft started with Peyton Manning being selected 1st overall. All things considered, Molly's Business wasn't going to pick again until the 40th overall selection, so I think I would have gone with a RB here but to each their own. LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles and Matt Forte followed Manning, before Calvin Johnson separated Adrian Peterson from the group. Continuing with the usual draft order, Demaryius Thomas, Eddie Lacy, Jimmy Graham and Montee Ball (my selection) were picked before Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers were selected 11th and 12th overall. Now clearly you can not go wrong with those guys, and it does prevent you from relying on Eli Manning each week, but I am not sure I would feel comfortable with a QB this early. Then like a normal 2nd round would go in a 10 or 12 team league, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Dez Bryant, Andre Ellington, DeMarco Murray, Brandon Marshall and Giovani Bernard finished the 1st round.

1Peyton Manning(Den - QB)Molly's Business
2LeSean McCoy(Phi - RB)Vaughn's Team
3Jamaal Charles(KC - RB)GmEn
4Matt Forte(Chi - RB)clayton s's Team
5Calvin Johnson(Det - WR)PetetopKevinbottom
6Adrian Peterson(Min - RB)TDeny
7Demaryius Thomas(Den - WR)Tall midgets
8Eddie Lacy(GB - RB)Mustangs
9Jimmy Graham(NO - TE)Doug's Wondrous Team
10Montee Ball(Den - RB)KeithyP
11Drew Brees(NO - QB)The BeAzTs
12Aaron Rodgers(GB - QB)Fatty Fall Down
13A.J. Green(Cin - WR)Blue Dragons
14Julio Jones(Atl - WR)Das Komet
15Marshawn Lynch(Sea - RB)Roto Rankers
16Dez Bryant(Dal - WR)The Royal Tannehills
17Andre Ellington(Ari - RB)andy's Great Team
18DeMarco Murray(Dal - RB)Boy Named Suh
19Brandon Marshall(Chi - WR)watches run
20Giovani Bernard(Cin - RB)Pen Island's Finest

Round 2

Pen Island's Finest added Jordy Nelson to Bearnard to start the 2nd round. There were 3 big surprises in the 2nd round with Tom Brady going 25th overall and QB4, Chris Johnson going 27th overall to Das Komet (Jets fan) and Jay Cutler going 38th overall, QB5, to GmEn. Fatty Fall Down paired Randall Cobb with Aaron Rodgers, and 3 teams went RB/RB. I (KeithyP) drafted Ball and Le'Veon Bell, Vaughn's Team added Ryan Mathews to McCoy, and Mustangs added Zac Stacy to Lacy. Remember, this league features just 1 RB and a RB/WR/TE.

21Jordy Nelson(GB - WR)Pen Island's Finest
22Arian Foster(Hou - RB)watches run
23Antonio Brown(Pit - WR)Boy Named Suh
24Alshon Jeffery(Chi - WR)andy's Great Team
25Tom Brady(NE - QB)The Royal Tannehills
26Julius Thomas(Den - TE)Roto Rankers
27Chris Johnson(NYJ - RB)Das Komet
28Alfred Morris(Was - RB)Blue Dragons
29Randall Cobb(GB - WR)Fatty Fall Down
30Roddy White(Atl - WR)The BeAzTs
31Le'Veon Bell(Pit - RB)KeithyP
32Doug Martin(TB - RB)Doug's Wondrous Team
33Zac Stacy(StL - RB)Mustangs
34Shane Vereen(NE - RB)Tall midgets
35Keenan Allen(SD - WR)TDeny
36Reggie Bush(Det - RB)PetetopKevinbtoom
37Andre Johnson(Hou - WR)clayton s's team
38Jay Cutler(Chi - QB)GmEn
39Ryan Mathews(SD - RB)Vaughn's Team
40Rob Gronkowski(NE - TE)Molly's Business

Round 3

Molly's Business ended the 2nd round with Rob Gronkowski and started the 3rd with Larry Fitzgerald, the 14th WR selected with the 41st pick. 8 more WRs would be selected in the 3rd round, including Emmanuel Sanders who went ahead of Michael Floyd and Cordarrelle Patterson, thanks to Wes Welker poppin Molly! Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Tony Romo were drafted in this round. Toby Gerhart, C.J. Spiller, Rashad Jennings, Frank Gore and Joique Bell were the only RBs added, while Vernon Davis was the only TE drafted. Only 2 more teams added a 2nd RB in the 3rd with Doug's Wondrous Team selecting Toby Gerhart to go with Doug Martin and Blue Dragons added his favorite RB in Frank Gore to Alfred Morris.

41Larry Fitzgerald(Ari - WR)Molly's Business.
42Vincent Jackson(TB - WR)Vaughn's Team
43Victor Cruz(NYG - WR)GmEn
44Percy Harvin(Sea - WR)clayton s's Team
45Andrew Luck(Ind - QB)PetetopKevinbottom
46Pierre Garcon(Was - WR)TDeny
47Matthew Stafford(Det - QB)Tall midgets
48DeSean Jackson(Was - WR)Mustangs
49Toby Gerhart(Jax - RB)Doug's Wondrous Team
50Vernon Davis(SF - TE)KeithyP
51C.J. Spiller(Buf - RB)The BeAzTs
52Rashad Jennings(NYG - RB)Fatty Fall Down
53Frank Gore(SF - RB)Blue Dragons
54Emmanuel Sanders(Den - WR)Das Komet
55Matt Ryan(Atl - QB)Roto Rankers
56Joique Bell(Det - RB)The Royal Tannehills.
57Michael Floyd(Ari - WR)andy's Great Team
58Cordarrelle Patterson(Min - WR)Boy Named Suh
59Cam Newton(Car - QB)watches run
60Tony Romo(Dal - QB)Pen Island's Finest

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