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Looking Back: How Good Was Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter has been the face of the MLB and the Captain of the New York Yankees for as long as anyone reading this can remember.  Tonight, he takes his final at bats at Yankee Stadium (weather permitting), and will retire on Sunday during an afternoon game at Fenway Park, of all places.

Should tonight's game be rained out, there is a potential game at Yankee Stadium on Monday, if the Orioles need the game for playoff seeding.

Growing up a New York Mets fan, in New York, makes appreciating Derek Jeter very difficult.  Seeing him lead his team to a World Series victory at Shea Stadium, in the Subway Series, is a memory I will never forget.

But as a fan of baseball, what he has accomplished must be acknowledged (like that hasn't been done before).  Taking a look back at his stats from his 1st World Series ring in 1996, to his 5th and final championship in 2009, Jeter has put up some astonishing numbers:

Those are just some of Jeter's statistical rankings, but the competition he was up against, in the *Steroid Era, should be noted as it is pretty clear Jeter was one of the clean ones.

In 1998, Jeter (.324 BA 19 HR 84 RBI 30 SB 127 R)  finished 3rd in the AL MVP voting behind Juan Gonzalez (.318 BA 45 HR, 157 RBI 110 R) and Nomar Garciaparra (.323 BA 35 HR 122 RBI 111 R)

In 2006, Jeter (.343 BA 14 HR 97 RBI 34 SB 118 R) finished 2nd in the AL MVP voting behind Justin Morneau (.321 BA 34 HR 130 RBI 97 R)

In 2009, Jeter (.334 BA 18 HR 66 RBI 30 SB 107 R) finished 3rd in the AL MVP voting behind Joe Mauer (.365 BA 28 HR 96 RBI 94 R) and teammate Mark Teixeira (.292 BA 39 HR 122 RBI 103 R)

Jeter has played in a season's worth of playoff games (158) over the course of his career and owns a .308 BA with 20 HR and 61 RBI, scoring 111 runs and racking up 200 hits! 

In 38 World Series games, he hit .321 with 50 hits & 32 runs scored.

Captain Clutch.

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