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Gridiron Challenge Player Eliminator Week 2

Week 1 was headlined by Matt Ryan and his 448 yard, 3 TD day, Julius Thomas3 first half TDs, Marshawn Lynch and  Le'Veon Bell being the only RBs with at least 20 points and Calvin Johnson & A.J. Green proving they are the best WRs in the NFL.  If you picked any of them last week, good for you, but they can no longer be added for the rest of the NFL season!

In Week 2, owners are loving Jake Locker (33.4%) against the Dallas Cowboys.  This is a great week to use a QB that may not play a full season due to injury or struggles, but for me, I am going with Robert Griffin III (7.0%) against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Last week, I advised against Nick Foles with the same matchup, and went with Carson Palmer instead.  I was rewarded with 2 extra points and I still have Nick Foles available to use.

RG3 had no luck against J.J. Watt and for a little Jadeveon Clowney, but he hooked up with Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson on 18 of his 29 completions and targeted them a total of 21 times.  With less pressure from the ends and a weaker secondary, Garcon and Jackson could rack up big time yardage after the catch.  Not to mention, you never know when RG3 will forget to slide and be forced to miss some time, so use him while he is still healthy!  The Jags limited LeSean McCoy to 115 total yards, 74 on the ground (3.5 YPC) but Zach Ertz and Jeremy Maclin averaged over 24 yards per catch!  Andrew Luck (11.3%) is the only other QB to be picked on at least 10% of rosters.

Rolling with the hot hands at the RB position, as EVERY running back imaginable will be used in this contest, I have added Mark Ingram (6.5%) and Darren Sproles (3.0%) to my roster for Week 2.

You could absolutely go with Terrance West and/or Isaiah Crowell with Ben Tate's injury....oh wait never mind, they are not available to use in this game for some odd reason!

Ingram led the Saints in rushing attempts, ahead of both Pierre Thomas and Khiry Robinson, and with 2 TDs from inside the 5 yard line, Ingram could see easy touchdowns week in and week out. Important to note that Robinson also scored on a run from inside the 5.  Ingram will get the Cleveland Browns defense that just got torched by Le'Veon Bell, who was tied for the top RB in Week 1.

Sproles touched the ball 15 times, and even though it was really just one play that gave him any value, it is always just one play with Sproles.  McCoy is obviously the man in Philly, but 11 carries in his 1st game as an Eagle? Chip Kelly is going to get the most out of Sproles.  A matchup with a bad Indianapolis Colts defense is a nice week to take advantage!  Arian Foster (29.9%) and Alfred Morris (25.3%) are the top choice at RB this week.

As mentioned above, RG3 loves his WRs.  I believe in this relationship, and am adding both Pierre Garcon (10.0%) and DeSean Jackson (7.9%) to my lineup this week.  So many targets to be had, and the Jaguars got torched by receivers with half the speed of these two.  Kendall Wright (24.9%) and A.J. Green (24.3%) are the top WR picks for Week 2.

Staying in the NFC East, and doubling down on a team, at TE I have Zach Ertz (10.6%).  The Indianapolis Colts just made Julius Thomas the top TE of Week 1, so it can't hurt to see if they can make that happen two weeks in a row.  Sure, Ertz was 5th on the team in targets,  but the Eagles 1st half of Week 1 looked like a preseason game.  Foles will not attempt 45 passes this week, but the Eagles should be in much better scoring situations, more often.  Keeping the trend with pairing up players with your QB, Delanie Walker (16.5%) is the top TE in Week 2.

You are on your own for Kicker and Defense.