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Boy Do I Hope The Broncos & Redskins Score A Lot Of Points This Year

Last night I took part in my 14 man money league and I randomly got the 13th pick (yay!). I went with bit of a gamble, pretty much banking on both the Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins to have amazing offensive years.

QB - Peyton Manning
WR - Pierre Garcon
WR - DeSean Jackson
WR - Wes Welker
RB - Montee Ball
RB - Bishop Sankey
TE - Martellus Bennett
K - Steven Hauschka
DEF - Philadelphia

Bench - Riley Cooper
Bench - Dwayne Bowe
Bench - Darren Sproles
Bench - Darren McFadden

It's a PPR league and last year I had Knowshon Moreno. Peyton Manning loves throwing to his halfbacks so I went with Montee Ball in the first round. Three picks later Mr. Manning was there. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I passed on him (it's a 1/4 point per completion and 6 points for TDs). At least I am guaranteed to get points everytime the Broncos score a touchdown, which will be pretty often, hopefully!

I then had to wait a long time for my next pick. A ton of WRs were being selected so I had to go with the best available. That was Pierre Garcon. I then took DeSean Jackson because he was the best player available. Having the duo of Garcon and Jackson, I am in line for a ton of big plays. I'm just praying the Redskins continue to shy away from Alfred Morris and the run game, and let Robert Griffin III air it out.

In the 5th round I drafted Bishop Sankey as I really wanted C.J. Spiller but he was taken the pick right before me! Needing a third WR, Wes Welker was still available and I couldn't let him just sit and rot. There is talk that he could potentially play in week 1. This could be my steal of the draft!

I waited as long as I could before drafted a tight end so I picked up Bennett. 65 catches for 759 yards and 5 touchdowns isn't too bad for a late round pick.

As for my bench, I drafted Darren Sproles in hopes he continues to be a PPR machine despite LeSean McCoy being involved in the Eagles passing game. Then I went with his teammate Riley Cooper as a backup WR. With no DeSean Jackson, Cooper is the deep man now right?

I drafted Steven Hauschka in the 10th just because the Seahawks offense has the ball so often and sometimes struggles to score touchdowns. Dwayne Bowe was still available in the 11th round.

My final pick was the Philadelphia Eagles defense, simply because of their week 1 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Going into week 2, I'll pick up a different defense with a great matchup.