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Fantasy Premier League Week 10

I’m back! Due to my somewhat heavy workload (MLS playoffs and all–I can guarantee it will be the first time, no more midweek MLS games) I can’t make it quite as long as before. No Super-Bargains. But I’ll try to mention Diego Costa less, so you’ve got that going for you.

Oh, and on Diego Costa: he’s still listed as questionable. Yeah, he didn’t play vs. United, but I still insist to keep him around. If you transfer him out and then bring him back in, that’s two transfers you’re burning that I don’t think you have to. If you transfer him out and don’t transfer him back in, then you’ll feel bad if he goes on a scoring tear. If you don’t have him? This sounds crazy, but consider getting him if you don’t need to use a transfer on other players. Why? Because his price is low. Everyone’s dropping him. Once he’s healthy, and there’s a feeding frenzy, his price will rise like crazy. And then if he ends up not playing well, you can sell him quickly for a profit. Yes, it also burns two transfers, but it gives you flexibility in the added budget.

Okay, enough of Diego Costa! Here are my six suggested fantasy players for the tenth week of the Fantasy English Premier League:


Obvious: Gary Cahill (Chelsea), £6.4. Chelsea has a nifty schedule coming up, and are one of only two teams to have conceded less than 10 goals (Southampton–a team I’ve already discussed–being the other). John Terry and Cahill are very similar, fantasy-wise (same number of points, same price) but I’ve given the nod to the junior center-back as, well, they haven’t turned him into a meme (with JT, they show him celebrating at various places).

Bargain: Aaron Cresswell (West Ham), £5.4. Or anyone from West Ham. They face Stoke followed by Villa, and both of those teams average less than a goal per game. Statistically speaking, a clean sheet in one of these games is as likely as a negative political ad being played on US television. Get a West Ham defender, for the future of the country. I am Daniel Holt, and I approve this transfer.


Obvious: Raheem Sterling (Liverpool), £8.8. Outside of their fixture at home vs. Chelsea in Week 11 (the one after this), Liverpool don’t face a team from within the top 10 until Week 16. With 3 goals and 3 assists already, it’s not a bad bet that Sterling will collect some points (or Mario Balotelli will swap shirts with someone and Anfield will blow up. Seriously thought, the Balotelli stuff has gotten out of control. He’s not the cause of all of Liverpool’s problems). Unless you have an ominous feeling about Liverpool (which is to be trusted at least as much as fantasy advice), consider Sterling.

Bargain: Chris Brunt (West Brom), £5.4. Yep, the Baggies again. #BargainBin. Why get Brunt? Because he hasn’t gotten less than 2 points in a match this year, and he averages a little more than 4 a game. At that price? Take him. Leicester away followed by Newcastle at home is a nice schedule, although as I’ve said before, they have games vs. Chelsea and Arsenal after that. So, don’t stock up too much on them.


Obvious: Graziano Pelle (Southampton), £8.3. The Italian striker is the top scorer of fantasy points in all the game. So, yeah, getting him wouldn’t be the worst idea possible. I would be a failure if I didn’t share this one Gab Marcotti tweet from about a month and a half ago:

Pelle isn't quite as good as Pele. The latter was one "L" of a player. #Rimshot #badjokes

Bargain: Connor Wickham (Sunderland), £5.7. This is a bit of a gamble, because he hasn’t done too great this year. The fact is that there aren’t too many cheap forwards. Another fact: Sunderland’s next three opponents (Palace, Everton, Leicester) are among the worst in goals conceded this year (in fact, the Black Cats are the only team that plays a bottom 5 defense in both of the next two weeks #research). If Wickham, Sunderland’s hero of sorts last year, is going to score goals this year (he only has one so far) it will be in these games.

That’s it! Sorry for my brevity. Also, I’ll try to get this out on Wednesday or Thursday next time. Make sure to check out my MLS venture Another MLS Blog, and follow me on Twitter @DH3soccer, for my musings on soccer and perhaps other stuff.