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Can the Steelers Win Me a Fantasy Football Championship?

Back on Sept 17th I added Ben Roethlisberger to my fantasy football team, dropping James Jones.

Best. Move. Ever.

I am now 11-0, after drafting Andy Dalton with the 146th pick in the 11th round of a 14 team league.  Ben was drafted in the 10th round (134 overall), but dropped for Jerick McKinnon back on Sept 13, after the whole Adrian Peterson scandal.

Scariest part about this whole thing is that I was ready to drop Ben after mediocre Weeks 5 and 6...glad I did not make that mistake!

I didn't start to appreciate the Steelers being on my team until their Monday Night contest with the Houston Texans in Week 7.  I was in New York City having dinner with friends.  The last time I went into the City on a football night was Opening Day last season, when Peyton Manning threw 7 touchdown passes against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football.  This time, Ben Roethlisberger completed 3 touchdown passes in less than 90 seconds.  Oh, did I mention I was down by over 60 points heading into Monday?

Final Score 95.96 - 95.27

I nearly lost due to Roethlisberger's kneel downs to finish the game!
Looking ahead at the Steelers schedule, the next 3 games are great matchups, but Week 12 will see the Steelers on BYE.

The New York Jets have allowed multiple TD passes from opposing QBs in all 9 of their games this season, including Derek Carr's NFL debut back in Week 1.  The poor Jets have faced nearly every top QB int he league this season: Aaron Rodgers (Week 2), Jay Cutler (Week 3), Matthew Stafford (Week 5), Philip Rivers (Week 6), Peyton Manning (Week 7) and Tom Brady (Week 8).  It's Big Ben's turn to feast in Week 10!

Oddly enough, it was Kyle Orton in Week 8 who is the only QB to throw for 4 TDs against the Jets (10 completions).

After the Jets, the Steelers will head to Tennessee to take on the Titans.  Andrew Luck and Brian Hoyer torched them for 7 touchdowns in back to back weeks, but they have allowed just 5 passing touchdowns to the likes of Tony Romo, Alex Smith, Blake Bortles, Colt McCoy and Ryan Fitzpatrick while shutting out Andy Dalton.  It is not so much that the Titans have a great pass defense, but more so that their run defense is so bad, teams don't have to throw the ball. They have allowed 100 yard rushing days to DeMarco Murray (167 Week 2), Arian Foster (151 Week 8) and Ben Tate (123 Week 5) and multiple TDs to Foster (2 rush 1 receiving) and Giovani Bernard (2 rush Week 3).  Only the Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots and Houston Texans have allowed more rushing yards, and they have each played an extra game as Tennessee has yet to see their BYE week.  

It's a good thing I drafted Le'Veon Bell in the 3rd round with the 34th overall pick, maybe he will finally score a rushing TD, which he has not done since the 1st week of the season! LeGarrette Blount leads the team with 2 rushing touchdowns.

Steelers released Blount

Week 12 will see the Steelers on BYE before they host Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.  New Orleans is another team that has allowed just 12 passing touchdowns, but only the New York Giants, Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinals allow more passing yards, per game.  That's good news because I drafted Antonio Brown with my 2nd pick, 23rd overall!  Yup, I have the Steelers offense and I am 9-0.  Huge risk that has paid off so far.  I just hope they can keep scoring at will come the fantasy football playoffs!

In Week 1, the Atlanta Falcons WR duo of Julio Jones and Roddy White combined for 188 yards on 12 catches and a TD.  Devin Hester and Harry Douglas gained 168 yards on 11 receptions. In Week 4, Terrence Williams took 2 of his 6 catches (77 yards) for scores.  In Week 5, Vincent Jackson gained 144 yards through the air catching 8 of his 12 targets.  Golden Tate exploded for 154 yards, and score on 10 catches in Week 7 and Randall Cobb caught 5 passes, 1 TD, gaining 126 yards.

Fantasy Football Playoffs

Most leagues playoffs are week 14, 15 & 16, which is the case in my league.  The Steelers will see the Cincinnati Bengals (hopefully I still have a BYE that week for a top 2 seed), followed by matchups with the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs allow the least amount of passing yards per game in the NFL at 199 yards per game.  The Bengals are mediocre at 250 YPG while the Falcons pass defense is atrocious, allowing 281 yards per game, worst in the league.

What scares me the most is that the Bengals have allowed just 11 passing touchdowns, best in the NFL.  Falcons have allowed just 14 and the Chiefs have allowed 16.

However, the Bengals and Falcons are two of the ten teams to have allowed  1,200+ rushing yards and have allowed 26 rushing TDs, combined.  Only the New York Football Giants have allowed as many rushing scores (13).

The Kansas City Chiefs are the only team in the NFL to not allow a rushing TD. 

Latavius Murray scored twice on Thursday Night Football

Do you think I can win a fantasy football championship with the Pittsburgh Steelers offense being the majority of my team? Oh, I also drafted Jimmy Graham in the 1st round with the 6th pick!

What was your best move this season?