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Updated Fantasy Football QB Rankings

Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers were the best value picks at the QB position this fantasy football season.  In an 8 team 2 QB league, on average, they were the last 2 QBs selected as a starter.  Big Ben's stats are slightly inflated by back-to-back 6 TD performances, but he completed at least 20 passes in every start this season and gained 300+ yards 6 times.  Rivers threw 3 touchdown passes in a game six times!

Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford really hurt fantasy owners with poor seasons.  Newton completed 2 touchdown passes just four times, and once added a rushing TD to give him 3 TDs in a game.  7 times in 12 games, Newton scored 1 or 0 touchdowns.  Stafford threw for 300+ yards just three times.  In 2 of the last 3 weeks, Stafford failed to score a TD and did not complete 20 passes!  Hopefully Thanksgiving was a sign of things to come for Stafford and the Lions offense, if somehow you made the fantasy football playoffs with him as your QB!

August Draft Rankings

Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Reg Season
Andrew Luck5551
Peyton Manning1112
Drew Brees2323
Aaron Rodgers3234
Ben Roethlisberger1616165
Tom Brady6866
Philip Rivers1515157
Matt Ryan8788
Jay Cutler1311139
Ryan Tannehill23182310
Russell Wilson14141411
Eli Manning2220#N/A12
Joe Flacco2121#N/A13
Matthew Stafford44414
Tony Romo11101115
Alex Smith18192016
Andy Dalton17171717
Colin Kaepernick12121218
Derek Carr2632#N/A19
Cam Newton99920

4pt vs 6pt Touchdowns

Andrew Luck363.37431.37
Peyton Manning361.04433.04
Drew Brees337.66391.66
Aaron Rodgers330.50394.50
Ben Roethlisberger316.35368.35
Tom Brady306.01362.01
Philip Rivers287.81337.81
Matt Ryan287.64329.64
Jay Cutler285.25333.25
Ryan Tannehill278.09318.09
Russell Wilson268.62298.62
Eli Manning263.80307.80
Joe Flacco259.78299.78
Matthew Stafford258.76288.76
Tony Romo234.66278.66
Alex Smith225.13255.13
Andy Dalton223.73249.73
Colin Kaepernick223.37253.37
Derek Carr214.39242.39
Cam Newton210.32236.32
Ryan Fitzpatrick200.51234.51
Brian Hoyer194.32216.32
Kyle Orton174.50200.50
Blake Bortles172.02190.02
Nick Foles165.66191.66

Finish Strong

9 QBs threw for 1000+ Yards over the final 4 games of the fantasy football regular season

  1. Aaron Rodgers (1233)
  2. Drew Brees (1224)
  3. Mark Sanchez (1202)
  4. Peyton Manning (1165)
  5. Eli Manning (1148)
  6. Matt Ryan (1121)
  7. Josh McCown (1120)
  8. Matthew Stafford (1117)
  9. Jay Cutler (1012)

6 QBs completed 100+ passes 

  1. Drew Brees (115)
  2. Peyton Manning (110)
  3. Matt Ryan (108)
  4. Ryan Tannehill (104)
  5. Eli Manning (104)
  6. Jay Cutler (101)

3 QBs Scored 10+ TDs

  1. Aaron Rodgers (13)
  2. Drew Brees (12)
  3. Peyton Manning (12)

Russell Wilson rushed for 286 yards over the final 4 weeks.  No other QB gained more than 88 yards.  He has rushed for 679 yards this season, 326 more than #2 Colin Kaepernick's 353 rushing yards.

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