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Updated Fantasy Football RB Rankings

Had it not been for 5 lost fumbles, DeMarco Murray would be the best fantasy football RB this season. His 1427 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns would have been enough to surpass Matt Forte's 78 receptions and 8 TDs.  

So far this season, just 7 backs have seen 200 carries and one of them is Andre Ellington who has done very little with all of those touches.  He has even added 46 receptions (64 targets) but still has gained just 1055 yards from the line of scrimmage and scored 5 TDs.  There are plenty of fantasy owners who are counting on him in the playoffs, and they better hope that his recent injury (hip pointer) doesn't hold him back, or worse OUT!

Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Matt Forte163.904441
DeMarco Murray160.007862
Le'Veon Bell153.451212123
Marshawn Lynch152.656684
Arian Foster144.30911115
Jamaal Charles136.553216
Justin Forsett128.80#N/A#N/A#N/A7
Eddie Lacy125.605558
Andre Ellington101.751515109
Alfred Morris100.9013131510
Ahmad Bradshaw99.254349#N/A11
Mark Ingram96.4037354012
Lamar Miller95.5031322913
LeSean McCoy93.4511214
Jeremy Hill92.653834#N/A15
Darren Sproles84.9033373716
Matt Asiata83.85#N/A99#N/A17
Shane Vereen82.2522241718
Giovani Bernard80.751010919
Joique Bell79.4525232220

Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Chris Ivory77.0044402521
Rashad Jennings76.8021202122
Fred Jackson76.0532293223
Steven Jackson73.9529283024
C.J. Anderson72.705748#N/A25
Isaiah Crowell67.80#N/A85#N/A26
Denard Robinson67.30#N/A102#N/A27
Tre Mason65.705660#N/A28
Roy Helu Jr.65.50#N/A53#N/A29
Branden Oliver64.80#N/A#N/A#N/A30
Knile Davis63.904955#N/A31
Ronnie Hillman61.755461#N/A32
Frank Gore61.4020212333
Benny Cunningham59.906765#N/A34
Bobby Rainey59.55#N/A56#N/A35
Andre Williams59.454144#N/A36
Trent Richardson59.4027273337
Darren McFadden59.254039#N/A38
Pierre Thomas56.5030312639
Terrance West 55.2039413840

Standard vs PPR

Marshawn Lynch138.65152.65
DeMarco Murray138.00160.00
Arian Foster128.80144.30
Matt Forte124.90163.90
Jamaal Charles121.55136.55
Le'Veon Bell120.95153.45
Justin Forsett111.30128.80
Eddie Lacy110.10125.60
Alfred Morris93.90100.90
Mark Ingram85.4096.40
Jeremy Hill82.1592.65
Lamar Miller82.0095.50
LeSean McCoy81.9593.45
Ahmad Bradshaw80.2599.25
Andre Ellington78.75101.75
Darren Sproles70.4084.90
Chris Ivory69.5077.00
Matt Asiata69.3583.85
Giovani Bernard68.2580.75
Joique Bell67.9579.45

Finish Strong

Four running backs had 15+ receptions over the final 4 weeks of the fantasy football regular season

  1. Matt Forte (20)
  2. C.J. Anderson (18)
  3. Le'Veon Bell (18)
  4. Rashad Jennings (15)

Three gained 400 yards

  1. C.J. Anderson (454)
  2. Marshawn Lynch (407)
  3. Justin Forsett (400)
Mark Ingram led all back with 84 carries over the last 4 weeks, but gained the 8th most yards (336).

Two scored 5 touchdowns