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End of Season Rankings - Fantasy Football QBs

Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning may have been the top QBs in the fantasy football all season long, but they choose a bad time to have some stinkers!

Drew Brees completed 46 more passes than any other QB which helped offset his 14 interceptions in PPR leagues.  Leading the league in completions helped him jump ahead of Big Ben by just 36 yards for the most passing yards this season.

I was able to add Ben Roethlisberger via free agency in Week 3, after drafting Andy Dalton, which helped propel my team to an undefeated, championship season!

Aarond Rodgers, Tom Brady and Tony Romo combined to throw 101 touchdowns and just 22 interceptions.

Romo had just a single game of 300+ yards.  15 QBs completed more passes than Romo (282). Brees completed 150 more passes, yet they each had 32 touchdowns.

Jay Cutler led all QBs with 18 INTs, 1 more than rookie Bortles, but just 2 more than Philip Rivers and Luck.

Russell Wilson rushed for over 800 yards and scored 6 rushing TDs to lead QBs.

Eli Manning was blessed with Odell Beckham Jr., and resurrected his career and will be drafted next season in 12 team single QB leagues.  Plus he will have Victor Cruz back!

Of all the rookie QBs, Derek Carr was the only one to finish in the top 20.  Teddy Bridgewater had a nice finish to his rookie campaign and looks like a legit NFL QB.  Blake Bortles still has a lot to work on, and Johnny Manziel just needs to work on earning that playing time and staying healthy.

Look out for Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston next season!  Depending on what team drafts them, they could have instant success and be fantasy relevant QBs, especially with the ever growing dual QB leagues!

Fantasy Football Playoffs QB MVPs


Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Andrew Luck1492.4237046013816555
Peyton Manning2481.1337444543915111
Drew Brees3476.9243246713214232
Aaron Rodgers4467.853244155365323
Ben Roethlisberger5447.603844635308161616
Tom Brady6439.483654029339688
Matt Ryan7430.6338644342812877
Philip Rivers8416.4035939953116151515
Ryan Tannehill9412.3736937862612221818
Eli Manning10402.67351398129132021#N/A
Jay Cutler11393.9034736402818131114
Russell Wilson12389.172683236206141412
Tony Romo13382.172823406328111011
Joe Flacco14375.93322367425121922#N/A
Matthew Stafford15355.5034340401912444
Alex Smith16329.503033265186181920
Derek Carr17323.29330311220112634#N/A
Andy Dalton18313.5328231541715171717
Colin Kaepernick19309.6027431651710121213
Cam Newton20305.6625230131712996

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