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End of Season Rankings- Fantasy Football RBs

With the 1st pick in the 2015 Fantasy Football draft, every owner selected...Le'Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers.  If I am selecting at the end of the 1st round in 2015,  I won't have a RB on my team until the 3rd round.

DeMarco Murray and Marshawn Lynch were the only RBs to rush for 10+ TDs this season, down for 5 backs in 2013, and 7 in 2012.  That trend also continued in rushing yards where 16 running backs gained 1,000+ yards in 2012, 13 in 2013, and just 9 this season, including Justin Forsett.  Bell scored 6 of his 8 rushing touchdowns in the last 4 weeks of the season.  Murray scored 5 of his 12 in the same window.

With 373 rushing attempts, Murray led the NFL by 77 attempts, ahead of LeSean McCoy.  Those attempts led to winning the rushing title by 404 yards, ahead of Bell.  Murray added 54 receptions and 395 yards, but did not catch a single TD.

Matt Forte led all backs with 118 targets, followed by Bell's 99 and Fred Jackson's 87.  Forte (785) and Bell (774) were the only backs to gain more than 497 passing yards!  Ahmad Bradshaw lead all backs with 6 receiving TDs, and he didn't even play after Week 11.

Jonathan Stewart led all RBs with 437 over the last 4 weeks.

The Bengals will have to decide how they want to divvy up the carries between Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard and problem every NFL team wishes they had, and every fantasy owner hates!

Fantasy Football Playoffs RB MVPs


Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Le'Veon Bell1219.252821341899777743111112
DeMarco Murray2210.0037317451261543950766
Matt Forte3198.602499876118947854444
Marshawn Lynch4194.8526612461245343314678
Arian Foster5180.10255122385837317481011
Eddie Lacy6169.502201039951394014555
Jamaal Charles7162.60193979956382835321
Justin Forsett8146.152181147855422460#N/A100#N/A
Jeremy Hill9130.951778778292520503634#N/A
Lamar Miller10121.80197921750382751293029
Matt Asiata11121.70145479959422951#N/A98#N/A
Joique Bell12119.10210800753343221232122
Mark Ingram13117.40212907833271410353340
C.J. Anderson14116.301486794312424925543#N/A
Alfred Morris15114.852531031823151360121315
LeSean McCoy16111.002961220536271400112
Giovani Bernard17103.25157636546312480989
Andre Ellington18101.75201660364463952111510
Fred Jackson19100.70123467287654971302832
Ahmad Bradshaw2099.25904252473830064349#N/A
Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Darren Sproles2198.9056324656373640313237
Shane Vereen2295.6594390273494333201717
Chris Ivory2489.801857926261711504242#N/A
Steven Jackson2389.75190707627201480272730
Frank Gore2588.4023096241691061182223
Andre Williams2684.952026786341511103945#N/A
Knile Davis2883.351254406251614714751#N/A
Jonathan Stewart2983.051627603292316114841#N/A
Isaiah Crowell2781.601446018138710#N/A82#N/A
Tre Mason3079.301687374221311915462#N/A
Rashad Jennings3178.55157606436272050191821
Branden Oliver3275.90146511243342671#N/A#N/A#N/A
Pierre Thomas3370.5045222255453781282426
Denard Robinson3568.80135582431231240#N/A#N/A#N/A
Benny Cunningham3467.55622363463829516563#N/A
Roy Helu Jr.3665.5034174142384362#N/A#N/A#N/A
Trent Richardson3765.40153508333262200252633
Darren McFadden3863.351515212523420603839#N/A
Chris Johnson3962.35145643133231541222325
Ronnie Hillman4061.75913783322013715260#N/A

For Next Year

  • Unless he takes a hometown discount, DeMarco Murray will not be wearing a Cowboys uniform next season.  His value is directly effected by where he signs.
    • Same for Mark Ingram
  • Should Marshawn Lynch retire, or leave the Seahawks, it will be hard to value Robert Turbin/Christine Michael come fantasy drafts.
    • It is unclear how the RB position will pan out in Denver as well
  • Should Frank Gore not re-sign with the Niners, he will probably land in a shared backfield.
  • Latavius Murray will be the man in Oakland and the Raiders proved that they could move the ball a bit on offense towards the end of the season.
    • Same for Davonta Freeman in Atlanta
  • Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams will see close to a 50/50 split in carries for the Giants, so don't overvalue Jennings or undervalue Williams.
  • Justin Forsett will not be drafted in 2015
  • Ray Rice?