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Updated Fantasy Football WR Rankings

What a season Jeremy Maclin has had huh?!  Returning from an ACL tear is never easy, and pushed his rankings way down as he joined a Chip Kelly system he had yet to play it, with a QB in Nick Foles (now Mark Sanchez) whom he had never played a snap with!  He has gained 100+ yards in four games this season (3 with Sanchez) and scored multiple touchdowns twice.

Make sure you put a waiver claim in on Jarvis Landry (41% owned Yahoo) if he is still available.  He has caught at least 5 passes in 5 straight games for the Miami Dolphins and beat out Mike Wallace for most fantasy points in 3 straight weeks, and 4 of the last 5!  He will make a great insurance policy to your WR/Flex position!

August Draft Rankings

Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Antonio Brown182.958871
Demaryius Thomas168.752222
Jordy Nelson150.957793
Emmanuel Sanders144.152526324
Jeremy Maclin143.902730315
Dez Bryant141.103336
Randall Cobb139.451010107
Julio Jones127.506648
T.Y. Hilton122.252424259
Alshon Jeffery119.8599810
Mike Evans119.0035422711
Golden Tate116.0530313312
DeAndre Hopkins116.0543414213
Kelvin Benjamin115.7037374014
Brandon Marshall108.0055515
Mohamed Sanu106.037277#N/A16
Brandon LaFell104.106383#N/A17
Jordan Matthews103.306057#N/A18
Mike Wallace100.8529232719
DeSean Jackson100.5020212620
Anquan Boldin100.1540444621
Julian Edelman97.8526282222
Torrey Smith97.4523202423
Steve Smith95.954653#N/A24
Keenan Allen94.1012111125

Fantasy Pros
Draft Rank
Roddy White91.1015161526
Calvin Johnson90.7011127
Sammy Watkins90.4036363628
Odell Beckham Jr.90.257081#N/A29
Kendall Wright87.3531272330
A.J. Green84.9044631
Eddie Royal82.80#N/A87#N/A32
Brandin Cooks81.6535384133
James Jones80.905352#N/A34
Michael Crabtree78.5518171935
Jarvis Landry78.20#N/A107#N/A36
Malcom Floyd77.956161#N/A37
John Brown77.65#N/A70#N/A38
Terrance Williams75.1032323539
Eric Decker75.0533293040
Andre Johnson74.5014131641
Kenny Stills74.455655#N/A42
Andrew Hawkins74.306864#N/A43
Allen Hurns74.00#N/A72#N/A44
Greg Jennings73.8050454445
Reggie Wayne70.8034333446
Rueben Randle70.4538353847
Vincent Jackson70.1011121248
Robert Woods70.00#N/A62#N/A49
Marques Colston68.2028252850

Standard vs PPR

Antonio Brown134.95182.95
Demaryius Thomas124.75168.75
Jordy Nelson115.95150.95
Jeremy Maclin108.40143.90
Dez Bryant107.60141.10
Randall Cobb106.95139.45
Emmanuel Sanders103.15144.15
Mike Evans92.50119.00
T.Y. Hilton88.25122.25
Kelvin Benjamin87.20115.70
Julio Jones86.50127.50
Alshon Jeffery86.35119.85
DeAndre Hopkins86.05116.05
Mohamed Sanu80.53106.03
Brandon Marshall79.00108.00
Torrey Smith78.4597.45
Brandon LaFell77.60104.10
DeSean Jackson77.00100.50
Jordan Matthews76.30103.30
Golden Tate76.05116.05

Finish Strong

13 receivers caught 25+ passes over the final 4 weeks of the fantasy football regular season

  1. Demaryius Thomas (34)
  2. Odell Beckham Jr. (30)
  3. Alshon Jeffery (29)
  4. Julio Jones (29)
  5. Calvin Johnson (27)
  6. Jarvis Landry (27)
  7. Jeremy Maclin (26)
  8. Antonio Brown (25)
  9. A.J. Green (25)
  10. Randall Cobb (25)
  11. Keenan Allen (25)
  12. Emmanuel Sanders (25)
  13. Golden Tate (25)

Six scored 4 touchdowns

  • Jordan Matthews
  • Dez Bryant
  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Alshon Jeffery
  • Mike Evans
  • Jordy Nelson

Three gained 400+ yards

  1. Odell Beckham Jr (437)
  2. Julio Jones (435)
  3. Mike Evans (430)
Sammy Watkins caught just 13 of his 31 targets over the last 4 weeks for 105 yards and no touchdowns.

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