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Super Bowl XLIX Box Pool Odds

Based on the final score from 256 regular season games from the 2014 NFL season, the following information should help you understand your odds of winning that final score jackpot, in your Super Bowl Box Pool this year! 

What boxes did you end up with and how much did you pay per box?

Scores from ESPN
    Super Bowl XLIX Box Pool Heat Map
  • 0 appeared 75 times (15%)
  • 1 appeared 48 times (9%)
  • 2 appeared 19 times (4%)
  • 3 appeared 71 times (14%)
  • 4 appeared 82 times (16%)
  • 5 appeared 17 times (3%)
  • 6 appeared 39 times (8%)
  • 7 appeared 107 times (21%)
  • 8 appeared 26 times (5%)
  • 9 appeared 28 times (5%)

The #7 showed up in 21% of all games played.  18% of the time the winning team showed a 7.  23% of the time the losing team showed a 7.

The #4 was next on the list, showing in 16% of games played.  The winning team saw this number 14% of the time, but losers saw a four in 18% of games played.

The #s 3,4 & 0 all showed up in between 14% and 16% of games played.

You will want to stay away from 2s and 5s as they showed in less than 5% of all regular season games.

The 10 playoff games this year have brought a little bit of everything! 7's showed up the most with a count of 4.  We had 1's 6's and 0's three times each and 4's and 5's showed up twice. 2, 3 and 8 showed up a single time.  A playoff game failed to produce a 9 for a final score!

The Seattle Seahawks have played in 18 games this season, including two playoff matchups.  Their games have ended with their final scores ending in a 6 or 0, three times each.  They hit 1, 3, 7, 8 and 9 two times each and even a 4 and a 5 once.  They have yet to finish with a 2.

The New England Patriots have played in 18 games this season including two playoffs matchups. Their games have ended with their final scores ending in a 1, 3, or 7 three times each.  They hit 4, 5 and 0 two times each and even a 2, 6 and 9 once.  They have yet to finish with an 8.

For a breakdown of the quarters and probabilities based on conference in Super Bowl history, check out the Super Bowl SuckyBox-o-Meter
After hearing people complain "My box sucks!" we decided to determine, once and for all, just how much each box sucks. The following Super Bowl Box Pool odds were derived from compiling all the quarterly results from Super Bowls I thru XLVI.