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Finding Stats - Some Moneyball Fantasy Options

I'm just as guilty as anyone. Draft Day has arrived, you are prepared and you feel excited about your first few picks. Then come the middle rounds and all the elite talent is gone. You're on the clock and at some point in the draft you will freeze and pick a guy based on his name. A safe well known player across the league. Use these precious picks on pitching, closers or a position you need to fill. Here are a few examples and how to get the same stats and maybe a better player later in the draft.

DON'T - Jayson Werth - Nationals

Age 35 Avg. Draft round will be 10-13  


Instead Use this Pick on Royals Catcher Salvador Perez. He will be available in rounds 10-13 and is Ten years younger and plays a position with little depth. He hit 17 home runs, one more than Werth. The 24 year olds HR total has gone up every season where as Werth's are going down.

DO - Marlon Byrd - Reds 

Age 37 
Same production will be available in rounds 17-20 in a Hitters park


DON'T- Michael Brantley - Indians

Age 27 Avg. Draft round 3-4 
He had a nice coming out but I'd like to see more. At 611 at bats there was quite a few 0fers.


Instead use this pick on Texas SP Yu Darvish or Detroit's David Price. They will be available in rounds 3-4 along with Brantley. It's been said this is the year to wait on pitching but in my opinion, after these two guys go the talent level drops quite a bit. Darvish put up a league leading 277 K's in 2013 and is healthy and ready to roll. Between Tampa and Detroit Price threw 271 K's in 2014. You won't find these numbers much further down the draft.

DO - J.D. Martinez - Tigers 

Age 27 Avg. Draft round 9-10 
With 170 less at bats than Brantley, this one is a no brainer. Martinez with have a full time role in 2015 and is one of my favorite must owns of 2015. The strike out rate is alarming but expect that to drop.


Don't - Ian Kinsler -Tigers

Age 32 Avg. Draft round 5-6 
Leaving the hitter friendly Rangers Ballpark has really hindered Kinsler but is usually one of the top 2B of the board because of name recognition.


Instead use this pick on Atlanta Closer Craig KimbrelHe lead the National League last year with 47 saves and has become one of, if not THE, games most reliable closer. He is going right around where Kinsler is being drafted in rounds 5-6. Kimbrel is worth this pick and will be on auto-pilot all season long.

DO - Josh Harrison - Pirates

Age 27 Avg. Draft Round 12-13. 
Manager Clint Hurdle found a Swiss Army knife in relatively unknown Harrison last year and he preformed so well he had to have him on the field where ever he could find playing time.


These are just a few examples of how you can wait on players in the draft, finding the production you need, while filling more important positions.