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Fantasy Basketball All-Star Break

With the All-Star break upon us, I asked the owners in our fantasy basketball league to go back and look at their draft/transaction logs, and find their best and worst moves, I went first!

My BEST move has been adding Robert Covington, dropping Patrick Patterson, back on December 6th. He had just scored 38 points over his last 2 games and I figured, why not! He has seven 20 point games since I added him and in February is averaging 18.8 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2 assists per game and has knocked down 18 3s over five game.

My WORST move had to be trading Tyreke Evans for Isaiah Thomas. I was desperate for a PG at the time and I made this trade just days before Evans became PG eligible.  Over the last 30 days, Evans has been a top 12 player.

Draft picks:

Best/Worst From Around the League!

@TheSliv (LenSanity)

@AFeingold (Yao)
  • Best Moves
    • Clearly drafting James Harden at 8 was a steal. Not sure how he lasted that far. Granted the players taken ahead of him you can make a case for...
    • Drafting four point guards with my first four picks. Value wise Ty Lawson was the best pick and is a Top 50 player
    • Rudy Gay was a safe fifth round pick and has been consistent when healthy
    • "Reaching" for Andrew Wiggins
    • Picking up JR Smith and Enes Kanter
  • Worst moves

Balls to the Wall (co-owners)
  • Our worst move was drafting Larry Sanders and holding onto him for way too long with hope, but it hindsight, it's okay because it led to our best move, picking up Hassan Whiteside


nY KnIcKs is about to lose its 1st round pick, Carmelo Anthony, to surgery and is currently without their 2nd round pick, Dwight Howard

@HecmanHoops had a ridiculous start to the draft, with LeBron James (1st overall), Kawhi Leonard to end the 2nd round and Marc Gasol to start the 3rd round

@norton0723 (Patrick Chewing) also had a phenomenal start to their draft with Kevin Durant (9th overall), Damian Lillard, Nikola Vucevic, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Zach Randolph
  • Worst Moves
    • Dropping guys like Mozgov, Payton, Jack, and Motiejunas (Which led to one of someone else's best moves by picking him up. To my credit though on Mozgov it was before he got traded but I still wish I would have stuck with him. Jack and Motiejunas was also before injuries boosted their value but again at the same time I wish I still had them.
  • Best Moves
    • I actually really liked most of my draft especially early on. I felt I took a risk a little on Durant hoping I could tread water until he came back and so I feel good about that at this point. 2nd round Lillard has been awesome. After that it was Vucevic, then Horford, then Teague, then ZBo, all of which are averaging 40+ a game so I would have to say that was my best move.
  • Injuries
    • Besides for my first round pick Durant being out for a while to start the season, I haven't had too many injuries really besides for the usual Nene happenings. Also Ryan Anderson is a little banged up and Patrick Beverley and Zbo and some others missed a few games here and there.

@FantasyNomad wished he could have back the 36th (Ricky Rubio) and 37th pick in the draft (Thaddeus Young) and take Mike Conley (38) and Al Horford (40).  Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, were his 1st two picks, 

With the 8th pick in the 12th round (140th overall) and 14th round (164), @peistygangsta (Crossover Kings) drafted Draymond Green & Rudy Gobert!

  • Best Moves
    • Drafting G Hayward in the 4th rd and Draymond Green in the 12th round along with picking back up Kevin Martin.Jarrett Jack has been a life saver for me and my team wouldnt be where it is without having him he has been my best pickup.
  • Worst Moves
    • Drafting Deron Williams in the 5th and Terrence Jones in the 6th.I could also add passing on Harden for Paul but I really cant complain with the numbers Paul has provided.I also should include drafting Jose Calderon who has been awful this year.

I started off hot then got hit with the injury bug and now I am healthy so my team will go as far as the health of my team pretty much.

@DaTrueGuru (All Things Fantasy) had two great mid round selections of Pau Gasol (7th round, 78th overall) and Brandon Knight (9, 102).  He added them to 1st round pick DeMarcus Cousins and 2nd round pick Kyle Lowry.

What has been your best/worst moves this fantasy basketball season?