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Who Would You Rather Have - Pablo Sandoval or Josh Harrison

Pablo Sandoval was an instrumental part of three Giants World Series and, after disappointment from Will Middlebrooks, will bring his talents to the Red Sox in 2015. Much has been written about Sandoval’s streaky play and his free swinging ways, but Sandoval is a .294 hitter over his seven MLB seasons and averaged 44 extra base hits over the past four seasons. The switch hitting Sandoval will get a serious boost from the left side by hitting doubles off of the Green Monster; this is a needed boost as Sandoval has not had 30 or more doubles in a season since back-to-back 30 double seasons in 2009 and 2010. Only once in his career has Sandoval had more than 80 RBI and twice has he had 20 or more home runs; Sandoval should be a top-15 3B, but do not expect him to be much more than a top-10 3B in a best case scenario.

Sandoval ranks 10th in We Talk Fantasy Sports 3B Rankings

Josh Harrison was an unknown utility man before coming out of nowhere to finish in the top-10 in 2014 NL MVP race. The Pirates used Harrison all over the field and he will have eligibility at 2B/SS/3B/OF and will open the season as the starting 3B for the Pirates. He had 18 SB and 13 HR, added with a .315 BA and 38 2B, Harrison was one of the fantasy finds of 2014. The one caution with Harrison is his low OBP, as he only had a .347 OBP last year, even with the high BA.

Harrison ranks 15th in We Talk Fantasy Sports 3B Rankings

3 Year Splits

vs. Left46551202850347400.2490.3010.3530.654
vs. Right1043128585341659014910.2930.3500.4560.806
vs. Left2393513462892880.2930.3210.4560.777
vs. Right618863510135425100190.2820.3210.4340.755

As you can see, Harrison was very solid in 2014, but that is the only season where Harrison was even a factor. Sandoval may not be an awful pick because the Green Monster could lead to more doubles for Sandoval, but he was comfortable in San Francisco and is awful against left handed pitching. The Pirates have a better lineup than the Red Sox and Sandoval needs to get used to Fenway Park, so Harrison would be the better pick. Also, Harrison has multiple position eligibility, adding to his profile.

Average Draft Position

(Updated 2/26)

Pablo Sandoval

  • Yahoo - 11th 3B (95th overall)
    • Drafted Before - Yadier Molina
    • Drafted After - Mark Melancon
  • ESPN - 13th (105th)
    • Drafted Before - Kolten Wong
    • Drafted After - Doug Fister
  • CBS - 19th (169th)
    • Drafted Before - Mike Fiers
    • Drafted After - A.J. Pollack
  • NFBC - 15th (125th)
    • Drafted Before - Elvis Andrus
    • Drafted After - Danny Santana
  • Fantrax - 13th (110th)
    • Drafted Before - Gio Gonzalez
    • Drafted After - Phil Hughes

Josh Harrison

  • Yahoo - 14th 3B (125th overall)
    • Drafted Before - Kris Bryant
    • Drafted After - Drew Storen
  • ESPN - 15th (117th)
    • Drafted Before - Salvador Perez
    • Drafted After - Mookie Betts
  • CBS - 14th (127th)
    • Drafted Before - Matt Adams
    • Drafted After - Howie Kendrick
  • NFBC - 11th (88th)
    • Drafted Before - David Ortiz
    • Drafted After - Jay Bruce
  • Fantrax - 10th (80th)
    • Drafted Before - Trevor Rosenthal
    • Drafted After - Alex Wood

Based on ADP - Who Would You Rather Have?