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RotoDerby $29 for $15K

This MLB season, I will be following 10 players EXTRA carefully, thanks to RotoDerby. Selecting 6 infielders and 4 outfielders from a pool of 129 players is not that easy when you are limited to 220 home runs from last season, aka your salary cap. There is truly no formula in selecting players, but you need to understand the scoring system.

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All teams compete on just 3 stats:

  • HR = +5pt
  • RBI = +1pt
  • K = -1pt

The roster combinations are endless, so if you feel like you need to enter a second roster, do so before opening day and get a third team free! You can purchase a team at any point during the season, standings reset each month!

It will help you tremendously to own at least one of the 5 players listed below.  Each one of them had 20+ home runs last season, with 80+ RBI and had a AB/K ratio of at least 5.

David Ortiz and Victor Martinez were 2 of the top 4 players to fit the criteria, but Ortiz is going to be 39 years old and Martinez is starting the season on the disabled list.  

Albert Pujols had more points than Gonzalez last year, but he has been very inconsistent so it will be tough to expect another 28 home run, 116 RBI season from Pujols with just 71 strikeouts.  

Seager had a nearly the same season Miguel Cabrera had in 2014, but a lot of fantasy experts are expecting Miggy to decline, while Seager is just hitting his prime!  

Brantley is a great option because he does not strikeout and still managed to hit 20 home runs while driving in 97 runs.

Valuable Players

The following guys are the top players from last season who hit 17 or less home runs

Justin Morneau
  • Morneau was able to drive in 82 runs for the Rockies without Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez in the lineup most days.  Best part is, he only struck out 60 times in 502 ABs!  He is slated to hit cleanup in a lineup that finished 3rd in runs scored last season.
Robinson Cano
  • Cano's first season with the Mariners was a bit disappointing, finishing below his career averages in home runs and RBI.  But that should have been expected moving from Yankee Stadium to Safeco Field.  Cano comes 13 home runs cheaper this year and is being protected by Nelson Cruz in the lineup, so expect a ton of fastballs!
  • Hunter will turn 40 this year, and I know age was why I didn't like Big Papi this year but Hunter will cost you just 17 home runs vs 35 for Ortiz.  Torii is back home with the Twins, who were 7th in the MLB in runs scored in 2014, and hitting in the middle of the lineup.  If you can get anywhere near his last 3 year averages of 15 home runs & 86 RBI, Hunter can give you 60-70 points and finish as a top 20 outfielder.
  • Lucroy had a career year in 2014, smacking 53 doubles and hitting .301 but that led to just 69 RBI. At 13 home runs, there is no reason to not take a chance that he can return to an 80 RBI guy.

Players to Avoid

Each of these guys can hit 25+ home runs and drive in 80+ runs but their strikeout rates are way to high to make them valuable.