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RotoDerby is Back!

RotoDerby debuted last season to great success and is back for another year of Longball Derby's! You can win both Monthly and Season-end cash prizes within the same Fantasy Derby Contest and they gave away a LOT of money last year!

RotoDerby Longball Derby

The Game:

Fantasy Longball (HR) Derby is based on a standard scoring system with a twist; where you are competing against others for the highest Fantasy Points throughout the season based on 3 stats, but weighted towards Home Runs (HRs). It consists of a 10 player starting roster with a Home Run stat cap used to build your team. Rosters are fixed all season and standings reset monthly. Winners are paid every month and at season-end.

Starting Roster:

Select any 6 infielders and 4 outfielders for a total roster size of 10 players. Rosters can be edited until Derby registration closes and will be LOCKED for the WHOLE season once the Derby begins, taking away the headache of day-to-day maintenance and bringing in new and interesting strategies. This is where your knowledge, strategy and skill come into play.

Fantasy Derby differs from conventional Fantasy sports in 4 ways:

  1. Each Derby is based on 3 stats but weighted towards a main scoring stat (for example in Longball Derby, HRs = 5pts, RBIs = 1pt, Ks = -1). That’s it no other stats.
  2. The Derby uses fixed starting rosters for the entire season (eliminates the high maintenance needed to set rosters daily or weekly). One-time setup.
  3. Derby standings reset monthly – so you can win each month and at season end (as opposed to winning just once at the end of the season).
  4. Each Derby is not limited to 8 to 12 teams. With Fantasy Derbies your entries are unlimited, allowing you to compete against more teams for larger Monthly and Season-end prizes.
Its as simple as Draft, Score and Win! Whatever strategy you choose, RotoDerby puts you back in control of your time to spend it as you wish while getting back in the game you love to play.