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Throwback Thursday - Twins Sign Phil Hughes

Prior to the start of the 2014 MLB season, the Minnesota Twins signed Phil Hughes to a 3 year $24 mil deal.  He had a record setting season in his debut, setting the Strikeout-Walk ratio record at 11.63.  Hughes beat out Bret Saberhagen (1994) and Cliff Lee (2010) as the only others to have a ratio of 10 or better.  Curt Schilling's 2002 season was the only other time a starting pitcher had 9 strikeouts to every walk issued.  Pedro Martinez had a K/BB ratio of 8.46 and 8.88 in back to back seasons from 1999-2000.

Hughes Ranks 31st in our Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitching Rankings

We took notice in June and recommended that you added Hughes to your fantasy baseball team while people were still questioning him
So which Phil Hughes will we get the rest of the season?  It will be fun to follow, but if he is available in your fantasy baseball league, we suggest adding him for the long haul! - We Talk Fantasy Sports

Rany Jazayerli of Grantland called Hughes signing, "the bargain of the offseason" last February, even highlighting his K:BB ratio
Meanwhile, Target Field, which Hughes will call home for the next three years, has reduced home runs by left-handed hitters by about 24 percent since it opened for the 2010 season. (Target Field is also less friendly to right-handed power than New Yankee Stadium, but not nearly to the same degree.) If his new ballpark takes care of the home runs, Hughes can take care of the rest, as he’s better than average at the two other outcomes over which a pitcher has primary control: walks and strikeouts. Of the 109 pitchers who have thrown 250-plus innings over the last two years, Hughes ranks 34th in strikeout-to-walk ratio (3.25). - Grantland

Jack Moore of Sports on Earth titled his post "A Perfect Fit"
And despite Hughes's poor overall performance, there are a few intriguing peripheral numbers to consider. His career 2.68 K/BB is above average, particularly for a starting pitcher, and is the driver between his relatively good peripheral statistics. It's largely why both FanGraphs (4.3 WAR) and Baseball Prospectus (6.3 WAR) consider even his poor past three years with the Yankees to be significantly better than what we've seen from any Twins pitcher (except the often-injured Scott Baker) since 2011. - Sports on Earth

Beyond the Box Score compared Hughe's deal to the A's signing Scott Kazmir for 2 year $22 mil
Given how dramatic his home-road splits are over the past few seasons, there's reason to think a change of scenery really will make a difference in his performance. And while I wouldn't expect him to suddenly transform into a three-win starter, one-to-two wins per season over the life of his contract isn't outside the realm of possibility. And two wins per season would make this deal a steal. - Beyond the Box Score

Fangraphs went back and embedded 10 home runs that Hughes allowed between 2010-2013 at Yankee Stadium that would not have gone out at more than 2 MLB parks
Most of those look like what you’d expect, soaring out to right or right-center. That’s where Yankee Stadium is the friendliest, or the meanest, depending on your perspective. It’s a small park. Hughes is a bit of an extreme fly-ball pitcher. It wasn’t a good fit, and the dingers above are evidence. The numbers above are more evidence. Hughes is better suited to a place with a bigger outfield. - Fangraphs