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End of Season Rankings - Fantasy Basketball Centers

Even with 16 less games played, Anthony Davis led all centers in fantasy points.  DeAndre Jordan, Pau Gasol, Andre Drummond and Marc Gasol were the most valuable, as they played in nearly every game, unlike Davis and DeMarcus Cousins.

Markieff Morris and Donatas Motiejunas were the Swiss Army Knives of fantasy basketball, gaining eligibility to play SF, PF and C.  They was the only players in the top 50 to have SF eligibility. Morris started all 77 games for the Phoenix Suns, playing 5 more minutes per game, yet matched last years numbers of 6 rebounds and just slightly boosted his scoring from 13.8 to 15.5 points per game.  Fantasy owners wanted a bit more, but he had a career year and is locked into a team friendly contract at about $8 mil for the next four seasons.

Motiejunas has been able to start 62 games for the Houston Rockets, thanks to injuries to Dwight Howard and Terrence Jones.  However, he himself has not played since March 25th, battling his own injuries.  Still though, the 24 year old Lithuanian averaged 12 points shooting 50% and grabbed 5.9 rebounds per game.

Finish Strong 

Rudy Gobert was a top 10 center over the final 30 days of the fantasy basketball season.  The Utah Jazz sent Enes Kanter to the Oklahoma City Thunder, for a first round draft pick and to open up playing time for the "Stifel Tower."  Only Anthony Davis blocked more shots over the final 30 days and he was 3rd in rebounds behind DeAndre Jordan and Andre Drummond.

Will the Jazz make the playoffs next season?

Brook Lopez has put up some big numbers, helping lead the Brooklyn Nets to the playoffs. Since the NBA All-Star game, Lopez is averaging 19.5 points per game, 9.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocks!  Yes, Brook not Robin Lopez.  Only LaMarcus Aldridge has scored more points than Lopez over the last 30 days.

Will Brook Lopez pick up his $16 mil player option or test free agency this summer?

RankPlayersDraftAll Star
1Anthony Davis 11
2DeAndre Jordan 173
3Pau Gasol 212
4DeMarcus Cousins 37
5Andre Drummond 96
6Marc Gasol 164
7LaMarcus Aldridge 68
8Paul Millsap 139
9Nikola Vucevic 1510
10Tim Duncan 1911
11Blake Griffin 75
12Kevin Love 212
13Derrick Favors 2017
14Nerlens Noel 2426
15Al Horford 1213
16Rudy Gobert#N/A27
17Markieff Morris 3021
18Marcin Gortat 2325
19Al Jefferson 524
20Gorgui Dieng 3418
21Zach Randolph 2820
22Greg Monroe 3114
23Tyson Chandler 3816
24Serge Ibaka 415
25Brook Lopez 1839

RankPlayersDraftAll Star
26Dirk Nowitzki 823
27Jonas Valanciunas 3328
28Joakim Noah 1029
29Kenneth Faried#N/A#N/A
30Enes Kanter#N/A40
31Timofey Mozgov#N/A31
32Jordan Hill 4132
33Roy Hibbert 3930
34Ed Davis#N/A35
35Donatas Motiejunas#N/A36
36Tristan Thompson#N/A33
37Andrew Bogut 3649
38Mason Plumlee5034
39Omer Asik 3244
40Patrick Patterson#N/A41
41Jared Sullinger 4619
42Amir Johnson 4345
43Tyler Zeller#N/A#N/A
44Zaza Pachulia#N/A#N/A
45Luis Scola#N/A48
46Carlos Boozer#N/A37
47Chris Bosh 1122
48Brandon Bass#N/A#N/A
49Steven Adams#N/A46
50Boris Diaw#N/A#N/A

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