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End of Season Rankings - Fantasy Basketball Forwards

How good was James Harden this season? He had more points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks than the one and only crowned "King" of the NBA, LeBron James.  Granted, that was in 10 more games played.  Harden's 528 assists was easily the most among forward eligible players in fantasy basketball. LeBron, Tyreke Evans and Evan Turner were the only others with 400+ assists.  Harden lead all forwards in steals and was 3rd to Klay Thompson and Kyle Korver in 3pt made. Fantasy.Basketball.MVP

No forward averaged more fantasy points per game than Anthony Davis, but he has played just 62 games. The Brow was so dominate when he played this season that only Russell Westbrook averaged more points per game.

DeMarcus Cousins was the only other forward to average 60 fantasy points per game and even added back to back triple-doubles during the fantasy playoffs, with 20 points and 20 rebounds!  However, he has played in just 59 games for the Sacramento Kings.

Pau Gasol took over the Chicago Bulls in his first season with the team, but is happy to have Jimmy Butler back and will gladly welcome back a healthy Derrick Rose with open arms!

Finish Strong 

The Philadelphia 76ers might suck, but they have Nerlens Noel, who proved them right in trading Jrue Holiday for him during the 2013 NBA draft.  Noel put up 13.4 points, 10 rebounds, 2.4 steals and 2.2 blocks per game after the NBA All-Star game.  He was the 5th best forward in fantasy basketball over the final 30 days of the fantasy season.

Will Joel Embiid have a similar impact next season?

1James Harden 31
2Anthony Davis 22
3LeBron James 14
4Pau Gasol 283
5DeMarcus Cousins 68
6Andre Drummond 136
7LaMarcus Aldridge 107
8Paul Millsap 159
9Nikola Vucevic 2110
10Tim Duncan2311
11Draymond Green#N/A16
12Tyreke Evans 4315
13Blake Griffin 85
14Gordon Hayward 3213
15Kevin Love 412
16Derrick Favors 3023
17Nerlens Noel3139
18Josh Smith 3618
19Al Horford 1817
20Klay Thompson 2919
21Rudy Gay 2222
22Jimmy Butler 4214
23Markieff Morris#N/A27
24Trevor Ariza 3430
25Al Jefferson 732

26Gorgui Dieng#N/A24
27Zach Randolph 4026
28Giannis Antetokounmpo#N/A33
29Greg Monroe#N/A20
30Kawhi Leonard 20#N/A
31Serge Ibaka 1121
32Danny Green#N/A34
33Dirk Nowitzki 1231
34Andrew Wiggins 4441
35Joakim Noah1442
36Evan Turner#N/A#N/A
37Joe Johnson#N/A40
38Thaddeus Young 2438
39Kenneth Faried3343
40Tobias Harris 4835
41Enes Kanter#N/A#N/A
42Nicolas Batum1950
43Khris Middleton#N/A#N/A
44Wilson Chandler#N/A45
45Chandler Parsons 2536
46Jordan Hill#N/A46
47Jeff Green#N/A#N/A
48Ed Davis#N/A49
49DeMar DeRozan 27#N/A
50P.J. Tucker #N/A#N/A

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